Christmas is a time for celebration and a time for family. That said, it’s also a great business opportunity. There are thousands of Christmas-themed businesses in the world that enjoy great success during the festive season. Many of them also don’t take much effort to start if you have the time and motivation.

This article will provide a few ideas for Christmas businesses that are fairly simple to start and operate. We’ll look at business ideas like:

  • Shopping service 
  • Gift wrapping
  • Gift delivery
  • Light installation
  • Selling decorations
  • Catering service
  • Party planning

1) Shopping service

Many people are far too busy to shop during the holiday season. It may be that they work often, or that they aren’t very good at shopping online. This presents a great business opportunity: you can offer a shopping service and purchase gifts on their behalf.

Essentially, a shopping service buys gifts on behalf of individuals so they don’t have to go out shopping themselves. Sometimes the individual gives the service a list of specific gifts to purchase, but high-quality shopping services will only need a vague idea of the gift recipient likes to find ideal presents for them.

2) Gift wrapping

Gift wrapping requires a lot of time and a certain level of expertise; for some people, this means that hiring a person to wrap their presents is the best option. You can start a gift wrapping business to take advantage of this market.

Starting a gift-wrapping business obviously requires you to be very good at wrapping gifts, but being able to do it quickly is also vital. For this reason, make sure you improve your time management skills before you start planning for this sort of business.

3) Gift delivery

The Royal Mail isn’t perfect, and people who have lost packages to them might not use their services in the future. For these people, the only options are to deliver their packages themselves, hire expensive couriers, or use a gift delivery service. 

This business requires you to drive often, and as you’ll be working during the winter months, you may be driving in very poor weather. Make sure you can handle this before you offer your services. It’s also a good idea to set a limit for how far you’ll go to deliver your packages so that you don’t receive requests that you can’t fulfil.

You may want to combine your delivery services with a few of our other business ideas, like gift wrapping or a shopping service. If you have the time and ability, you could offer customers the full Christmas package, and save them tons of time. 

4) Light installation

Christmas lights are an essential part of the festive season — they make the world a little brighter despite gloomy winter weather. Setting up lights can sometimes be a difficult task, though, and you can make a decent income installing lights for those unable to themselves.

Generally, this business won’t require a great deal of technical expertise. It’s mostly a physical task, as you might need to climb all over people’s houses and gardens to create their ideal lighting situation. Remember to offer your services to take down the lights as well, after Christmas is over. 

5) Selling decorations

As well as lights, people will often decorate their homes with things like wreaths during Christmas. There are tons of different Christmas decorations and ornaments, and many of them are quite easy to make. If you have some skill at arts and crafts, you might consider starting a business where you make and sell decorations.

Christmas fairs are common and provide a great place for you to sell your products. You might also want to consider starting an ecommerce business to sell your products online.

6) Catering service

As with a few other of our Christmas business ideas, one of the main reasons to start a catering business during the festive period is because other people are short of time. By offering to make Christmas dinners, you can improve people’s Christmas and make a profit at the same time.

This idea is a little more complicated than the others if you’re doing it officially. You’ll need to make sure you have a large kitchen to prepare food in, and check to see if your local authority requires you to have any kind of business license to prepare and sell food.  

7) Party planning

With COVID-19 restrictions being relaxed everywhere, there will likely be a resurgence of traditions like Christmas parties. As fun as a good party is, it can be a little tricky to organise. If you have the talents necessary, you might consider starting a party planning business for Christmas.

The responsibilities of a party planner can be pretty varied, but generally you’ll be in charge of organising food and drink for a party, or booking a venue. Sometimes you’ll need to make sure there’s transport to and from the venue as well. A good party planner acts as a personal assistant to their client, so make sure you listen to their requests and complete them to the best of your abilities.

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