Whether you’re looking to start an entirely new career or just boost your income, learn our top side hustle ideas for 2023 and pick up extra work easily.

Side hustles come in various forms, and this article has our breakdown of the options available to you, including:

●        Freelancing in your own industry

●        Side hustles in your local area

●        Freelance and online work

●        How to manage your income legally with Countingup

Freelance in your own industry

You may have a job where you can pick up extra contracts doing the same work and be your own boss. If this is an option available to you, it can be the easiest way to increase your income, all from doing the same work.

Not only will you have full control over what you work on and when; you may also be able to take home more of the profit from each job.

Unfortunately, this side hustle route might not be open to you. Some industries or workplaces have non-compete clauses that legally prohibit you from working in competition with your employer – some even for several months after you’ve left the company. If you’re considering becoming a freelancer within your industry, you’ll need to check your contract and make sure you’re not in violation before you’ve even taken your first client.

Side hustles in your local area

Many businesses get started by offering goods and services in their local area. We’ve looked at various ways that you might be able to start a side hustle with things locally available to you.

Re-selling items and upcycling

A great way to make extra income is by reselling items you no longer use. Many products around your home will have retained some of their value and may be sought-after by the people around you. This type of business, even as a short-term way to help clear out your home, is especially popular right now as people strive to reduce their carbon footprint and buy second-hand.

Some key items to consider selling might include:

●        Jewellery and accessories

●        Brand-name clothing that no longer fits or suits your wardrobe

●        Electronic goods like phones, laptops, tablets or home appliances

●        Furniture and home furnishings like wall art or ornaments

●        Garden tools and equipment

●        Collectables and memorabilia

●        Sporting goods like weight sets, bikes or workout equipment

Lately, a particularly popular way of earning extra income is through upcycling items – especially furniture. If you have items around you that you can revamp and freshen up, you might be able to attract an even larger crowd of interested buyers.

Baking and food prep

Many entrepreneurs have become successful within the food industry.

In particular, baking items like cakes and pastries for weddings, birthdays or graduations can be a really lucrative way to earn money. While you may not be able to compete with your local bakery on the usual staples like bread; going up-market to provide high-end sourdoughs or super-food filled muffins can attract plenty of customers looking for a nice treat.

There’s so much scope in the food and drink category; you may wish to branch out into preserved or fermented goods like jams and sauerkraut, or go into the drinks category by providing flavoured spirits or microbrews.

Pet and garden services

Having a pet or keeping a green space well-maintained takes a lot of work. Whether it’s enduring winter walks or undertaking major landscaping works in time for summer, many home and pet owners occasionally welcome a helping hand.

As a side hustle, it’s a very easy business to start – especially within the pet care market. Walking and grooming services can be great ways to break the 9-5 – all while enjoying the company of a fuzzy friend. If you’re interested, we have a guide available here.

Even with gardening, lots of typical tasks like mowing lawns or cutting hedges can be done by almost anyone. However, this work is usually highly seasonal and you may struggle to maintain customer interest into the winter months.

Driver or delivery person

If you have a car or bike, becoming a driver or food delivery person can be an easy and very accessible way of earning extra income.

Apps like Uber or Deliveroo can help you take on work transporting people or food from A to B. This type of side hustle can also work perfectly around your 9-5 as you can easily set your own hours. If you want to miss one evening or work all weekend, you can sign up for shifts as and when you want them.

Online work

There are lots of ways to expand your potential customer base by taking advantage of work contracts online.

Craft businesses and bespoke products

If you have artistic or technical talent, you could find an audience of interested art lovers who would like to buy your products. Setting up an Etsy or Instagram store can be an easy way to showcase and sell your products to millions of people around the world.

Virtual assistant

Many businesses need help as they grow, even in the form of an extra set of hands or eyes for their work.

If you can help manage a social media account, another business’s inbox, or can proofread documents before they’re set to publish, you could earn extra money using websites like Fiverr or Upwork.

Product testers and reviewers

Signing up to test products or websites from other businesses can be a fun and engaging way to earn money. The premise is simple – enter your details into testing platforms like Clicks Research or Toluna, enter some demographic details, and you’ll receive products or links to websites to test. In return, you often get to keep your freebie and will receive a payment for your trouble.

A similar system is available when you become a secret shopper on platforms like Mystery Shoppers. Here, you’ll visit branches of shops in person instead.

Manage your new income with a simple app

If you’re about to earn some money through a side business, you may need to register as a sole trader and use apps like Countingup to manage your new income.

Countingup is the business account with free, built-in accounting software. You can use it to automate the financial admin for your new side hustle, as well as seeing when your payments arrive in real-time.

You can also take advantage of Countingup’s automated invoicing and expense reminders to ensure that your new business always has accurate, up-to-date accounts. Find out more here and sign up for a 3 month trial today.