The simple way to run your business

Imagine if your business current account was your accounting software. Sounds obvious, right?

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Countingup gives you everything you need to run your business.

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Are you a startup beginning a business and feeling confused?

  • Opening a business bank account is slow. The lengthy application may get rejected
  • Accounting is jargon and tax is a minefield
  • Half of startups fail within 5 years because starting a business is not as simple as it should be

Are you a sole trader running a business and losing time & money to admin?

  • Banks surprise you with hidden fees. You’ve lost faith in their customer service
  • Bookkeeping is a chore, boring & wastes your time
  • 250k businesses close annually because time and money is wasted on admin that should be automated

Countingup gives you everything you need to start, run and grow your business

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Business current account opened in 5 minutes

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Corporate contactless MasterCard

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Automated receipts

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Automated accounting

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Tax calculated and filed for you

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Beautiful invoices

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The entrepreneurs winning have more time

For problem solving. Decision making. Sales. Relationship building. Strategic development. Leadership. Advising. Fun.

They have new insights from the real time analysis of their data.

Use Countingup and start winning too

  • Free your time to work on your business
  • Your accounts take five minutes per week
  • Your data is accessible anytime, anywhere & securely backed up in the cloud
  • Be stress free and in control of getting paid on time
  • Know how your business is performing in real time and be confident you are paying the correct tax

  • Countingup gives you everything you need to start winning in business

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Your journey in business is like a trek up a long narrow winding mountain path, with the possibility of fog, unplanned stopovers, and falls over the edge

Business journey graph
  • Some won’t set out on the journey - they stop at the business idea
  • Some get started - they set up a business bank account
  • Some don’t have the right equipment - they use spreadsheets
  • Some make it halfway - they use desktop accounting software
  • Some nearly get there - they use cloud accounting software

  • Countingup gives you everything you need on your journey to the top.

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Old world

Business bank account, spreadsheets & accounting software.

Time lost to different systems and money spent on multiple suppliers.

It works but there is a better way.

New world: Countingup.

Your business banking and accounting in one place; automated.


The way you do business has fundamentally changed

Open a current account in 5 minutes

UK sort code & account number

Mastercard contactless business card

Faster payments, BACS, direct debits

Built for your smartphone

Countingup Matercard

Automated bookkeeping

Submit MTD returns

Create invoices and chase unpaid

Payments automatically reconciled

Multi-user access

We're working hard to reimagine how you do business

Help us improve the UK economy. It's powered by entrepreneurs like you!

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