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Imagine if your business current account was your accounting software. It's the simple way to run a business.

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Launching in February.

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Startup? Feeling confused?

  • Accounting is jargon and tax is a minefield
  • Opening a business bank account is slow. The lengthy application may get rejected
  • Half of startups fail within 5 years because starting a business is not as simple as it should be

Business? Losing time to admin?

  • Bookkeeping is a chore, boring & wastes time
  • High street banks charge hidden fees. Customer service could be better
  • 250k businesses close annually because time and money is wasted on admin that should be automated

Old world

Business bank account, spreadsheets & accounting software.

Time lost and money wasted.

New world: Countingup

Your accounting and banking in one place; automated.

The simple way to run your business.

Features to start, run and grow your business

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Business current account opened in 5 minutes

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Corporate contactless MasterCard

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A delightful user experience on our mobile app

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Automated receipts

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Automated accounting

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Tax calculated and filed for you

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Professional invoices

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  • Free your time to work on your business
  • Your accounts take five minutes per week
  • Your data is accessible anytime, anywhere & securely backed up in the cloud
  • Be stress free and in control of getting paid on time
  • Know how your business is performing in real time and be confident you are paying the correct tax

Upheaval of UK tax ahead

Soon business owners in the UK will experience HMRC's transformation of tax, MTD. For you that could mean four tax returns a year, a 400% increase in admin, and an unwelcome dent in your margins.

When is MTD happening?

From April 2019 VAT must be filed quartlery via MTD. HMRC intends that quarterly self assessment and corporation tax will follow. Don’t leave being prepared to the last minute.

Countingup gives you everything you need to be compliant with Making Tax Digital.

Can my accountant get access?

With lots of clients, your accountant may be grappling with:

  1. Time lost to manually checking unwieldy spreadsheets and supporting records
  2. A migration nightmare as MTD forces clients to adopt digital software
  3. An increased administrative burden from quarterly MTD filings
  4. A shift in the profession from bookkeeper to trusted advisor

Your accountant can enjoy the benefits of Countingup too. Invite your accountant in and give them access to your accounting but not your banking.

Are you an accountant?

Get in touch to find out about our partner program and how you can manage your clients on Countingup.


How much does Countingup cost?

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Accounting & banking coming soon

To make running your business really simple our accounting & banking plans will be launching in 2018.

See full pricing details here.

We're working hard to reimagine how you do business

There is lots more to come in our roadmap. You can find out more here.


Our mission is to make running your business simple.

Our vision is accounting and banking in one place for every small business.

Our goal is to help the 4.2m entrepreneurs in the UK have different banking and simple accounting.


Our founder & CEO, Tim Fouracre, built a successful cloud accounting software company. He started Countingup because he believed that combining accounting and banking would simplify running a business.

Countingup is venture capital backed.

Help us improve the UK economy. It's powered by entrepreneurs like you!

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