Pricing that’s small business friendly

Pay no Subscription Fees during your 3 month trial. Other Transaction Fees may apply from day one as you use your account with us.

Subscription Fees

After your 3 month trial ends, you’ll be charged monthly Subscription Fees as per the tiers below. Tiers are based on total monthly deposits in your account. At Countingup, we believe in fair pricing, so Subscription Fees will go up and down in line with the performance of your business. Read our Terms and Conditions for more details.

1st tier


Total monthly deposits in
£0 – £750

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2nd tier


Total monthly deposits in
£750 – £7,500

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3rd tier


Total monthly deposits in

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Transaction Fees

Transaction fees are chargeable as soon as you start using your account with us.

  • Account transfers in/out 30p
  • Direct debit out 30p
  • Foreign Transaction Fees 3% applied to clear transaction
  • ATM withdrawal £1 per withdrawal
  • Post Office Cash Load 0.5% (£2 min fee)
  • PayPoint Cash Load 3%
  • Replacement Card £5
Balance screen of the Countingup app

Pricing that changes with your business

Most of our costs are based on your activity, so if your business has a quieter month your Subscription Fees may decrease. Equally, if you have a fantastic month with lots of money deposited, it may increase. We aim to partner with our customers and charge fairly for our services – we hope you approve.

Small wins that add up to make big differences

  • Business account Open an account in minutes to get a contactless Mastercard, sort code and account number.
  • Automated categorisation Just one less thing to think about.
  • Instant notifications Stay on top of your income and spending with reminders to capture receipts in the app.
  • Receipt capture Keep organised on the go and say goodbye to pockets stuffed with receipts.
  • Invoicing & billing Send an invoice in seconds. Know who’s paid you at a glance with invoices sorted, matched and filed automatically.
  • Profit & loss Instantly see how your business is performing at a glance.
  • Tax estimate Know how much to set aside and say goodbye to nasty surprises.
  • Share with your accountant Never worry about sending receipts or statements again.
  • First class support Our helpful UK-based team are available 7 days a week.

What are the limits on the account?

The limits for the Countingup account can be found here.