Calculators made for the self-employed

The admin side of running a small business or being self-employed is never fun. We know you’d much rather be doing your job than faffing with spreadsheets, accounting or time-consuming admin. That’s exactly why we’ve created a range of online calculators made specifically for you. Say goodbye to tedious, manual VAT calculations and get instant insights with our calculators – they’re quick, easy, and absolutely free to use.

VAT Calculator

Tired of spending hours manually calculating VAT for your business transactions? Our brand new VAT Calculator works out your Value Added Tax (VAT) in just a few seconds.

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Profit Margin Calculator

Calculate your business’s profit margins with our Profit Margin Calculator. Enter your numbers and let our calculator do the maths for you – easy peasy.

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Percentage Change Calculator

Work out the percentage change between two values with our handy Percentage Change Calculator. It helps to work out pricing adjustments to products or services and to measure sales growth.

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