Our story

Countingup so far…

Time is money in business, and if you are wasting precious hours on old fashioned processes and unnecessary admin, something’s got to change.

We make running your small business simple and more enjoyable. With a business current account that automates your accounting, you get to focus more on growing your business or having the lifestyle you want.

Reclaiming all that lost time is why thousands of startups, freelancers, sole traders and limited companies choose CountingUp.

Founded through frustration

In the nine years spent building cloud accounting software Clear Books plc, our Chartered Accountant founder Tim Fouracre saw small businesses losing so much time with inefficient banking and accounting systems.

He daydreamed of creating an all-in-one app that would help entrepreneurs simplify their accounting and taxes – making it easier to run their business.

They said it was crazy

Tim shared his idea with some industry folk, but they said it was a crazy idea to combine two long established services into one. “What’s the point?” they asked. “Why wouldn’t I just use Barclays and Xero?”

They said it would be impossible to compete on two fronts with the well-established business systems. “Better to choose less competitive industries,” they suggested.

Defeated, but not beaten

Undeterred, Tim asked old Computer Science classmate Mike Moate if he’d like to get involved. Mike had worked at Accenture and Oliver Wyman since the two studied at Farnborough Sixth Form College 20 years earlier.

“Great idea!” came back Mike’s nod of approval. “My wife’s a freelancer and this is just what she needs.” With the pair both believing small businesses wanted a banking and accounting app, they quit their jobs and got to work.

The team takes shape

Mike roped in Dave, a housemate from his days at Imperial College. Dave then roped in Rob, a colleague at a previous company. That made 5 (including Mike’s wife) who believed in the idea.

A month passed, but our world class development team didn’t have any money. But finally, and thankfully, after many meetings we found a group of investors who shared our crazy vision. And Countingup was born. This was September 2017.

A flurry of firsts

It wasn’t long until we became the UK’s fastest growing business account that automates accounting. Our one core value: “To get stuff done with excellent results” has led to some pretty excellent results…

The future is bright

We’re determined to reach our goal of providing a financial platform for one million small businesses, and we’re proud that our vision is being backed by the likes of Frontline Ventures, Forward Partners and JamJar Investments.