If you’re a makeup artist, you may want to network to learn more about the business and expand your client base. But where should you begin?

This guide will cover makeup artist networking events, including: 

  • How networking can help you as a makeup artist
  • Where to look for makeup artist networking events
  • Makeup artist networking events you can attend

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How networking can help you as a makeup artist

Networking can help a small business reach the right audience and grow. As a makeup artist, you want to reach people who need professional makeup. People often seek professional makeup for special events and entertainment. 

Consider who you want to do makeup for, so you can network with that audience. You can more easily access this target audience by attending networking events. 

Why to network 

Networking events are a great way to grow your client base. If you market yourself well, you can sell your services and earn more from your business. These events not only put you in front of potential customers, but they will also help you meet other makeup artists. 

These relationships can help you learn more about industry trends. They can also be beneficial to your business. For example, if another makeup artist has overbooked him or herself, they may refer you to clients. 

How to network effectively

You may also want to prepare for networking events to make the most of them. You can do this by putting together marketing materials for your makeup artist services. For example, you can bring business cards and brochures.

When designing marketing materials, consider your business brand and how you can stand out from others at these events. Make sure these materials have your business name, services, and contact information. You can also link or put a QR code to lead to your social media channels and website

Where to look for makeup artist networking events

There are a few places to look for makeup artists networking events. Keep your business focus in mind when you look at these platforms.


Once you know who to look for, LinkedIn can help you find your network. By developing your LinkedIn profile, you can reach and connect with other makeup artists. 

Then, you can find LinkedIn groups that are relevant to your business. To find these, you can use the search bar and specify ‘groups.’ Groups like ‘The Hair and Makeup Artist Network’ might be right for you. 

Use your connections and groups to engage with other makeup artists and find networking opportunities and events.


Facebook can also help you find networking events. Start by creating a Facebook page for your small business. Then, you can use our profile to search for other Makeup Artist business pages. Reach out to businesses similar to yours. 

You can also join Facebook groups relevant to your business, such as makeup artist groups, beauty groups, and event planning groups. You can also focus your search on groups in your area. Follow these groups closely for posts about networking events. Also, try posting in these groups to ask about networking events and build relationships with others. 

Makeup artist groups

To find networking events you may also want to use platforms like Meetup or Eventbrite. Eventbrite has larger shows and conferences for makeup artists and the beauty industry. Meetup helps you find relevant communities in your area to meet up for networking events.  

Makeup artist networking events you can attend

As a makeup artist, there are a variety of networking events you could attend. To grow your business through networking, you may want to set yourself a goal of how many networking events you’ll attend each month. Here are a few types of events you can look for. 

Beauty socials and festivals

Some of the most common networking events for makeup artists are beauty socials and festivals. These events include a mix of people in the beauty industry. These events often have brand tables and demos, and talks from people in the industry. They bring professionals and clients together to learn about the industry and offer job opportunities. 

You can try contact events like these to set up booths to offer your services and market yourself. You can also buy a ticket to meet with other people in your business and network with potential clients.  

Makeup shows

Makeup shows are similar to beauty festivals, but they focus on makeup. These events may be better suited for your business because they focus more on your target market. 

You can also plan meet-ups with makeup artists in your area. These smaller events might be a great way to meet people locally and build relationships. 

Wedding expositions 

Wedding expositions are similar to beauty festivals and makeup shows, except they focus specifically on wedding planning. If you primarily do wedding makeup, these events might be a great place to meet new clients. 

You can also look more broadly into event planning shows to get to know people who may need makeup services for events. 

Film and TV conferences and expos

If you focus more on entertainment makeup, you may want to look into events for TV and film crews. With these events, you can get to know people in the industry and find opportunities to do makeup for photo and film shoots. 

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