If you’re an influencer or an aspiring influencer, you may want to network to build relationships within the industry and find new clients. But, how will you find the right networking events to grow your business?

This guide will cover find influencer networking events, including: 

  • Where to find influencer networking events
  • What types of networking events to attend 
  • How to prepare for influencer networking events

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Where to find influencer networking events 

Networking helps influencers form relationships within the industry. This is a good way to understand the industry better and find collaborations. Collaborations allow you to share your audience and gain access to new audiences. 

But, to network yourself as an influencer, you’ll need to know how to find the right events to grow your audience. 

Social media 

Influencers often use social media for their business. So, it makes sense that social media is a great place to look for networking opportunities. You can start by following and messaging similar influencers in your area. 

You can also use platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook to connect with influencer groups and find events. Then, consider looking into TikTok and YouTube to find influencer communities and networking events. 


LinkedIn is another platform to look for networking opportunities. This business-focused platform can help you connect with the right influencers and potential clients. You can build a profile on the platform to show your skills and experience. Then, track your connections or join relevant groups to find networking events. 


Aside from social media and LinkedIn, you can join organisations to grow your network. Platforms like Influencer Marketing Hub help you grow your connections within influencing and teach you about the industry. 

The number of influencer networking platforms is growing. Today there are agencies and platforms like Influencer and InfluData to help connect influencers and creators to brands. Influencer marketing agencies help you to meet people in the industry and get connected to brands. 

To find more networking events in your area, you can also search for them on event platforms like Eventbrite.

What types of networking events to attend 

Once you know where to find influencer networking events, you could attend a few types of events. 


Some of the biggest networking events to attend as an influencer are content creation conferences. Conferences that focus on influencer marketing can help you meet people in the industry and market yourself. But they can also help you learn about trends in the industry and how to improve your content. 

Look into conferences like Creator Conf or Web summit to see if they might be right for your target audience. You can also seek smaller conferences in your area. Still, some of these conferences take place online, so you can attend them from anywhere. You’ll have to purchase a ticket ahead of time and market yourself to stand out.  

Meet-ups or collaborations 

Many influencers plan meet-ups or gatherings in a less formal setting. You could search for meet-ups in your area or travel to other influencers. You can also see what kind of sponsors similar influencers like you have, so you can target those brands for yourself. 

These events are great opportunities to share content ideas and collaborate with other influencers. Collaborations can be beneficial to networking and help grow your business. 

You can even do collaborations virtually, so you’re not limited to working with and meeting influencers in your area. For example, if you have a YouTube channel, you could plan and film a video with another influencer over a video call. 

Festivals and Fundraisers 

As an influencer, you’re a public figure and a brand ambassador. Many influencers attend public events together and promote their brands. You can use popular public events, like music festivals and fairs, to meet with other influencers and market your business. 

For example, if you attend a music festival in your area, you can plan a photo opportunity with other influencers at the event. This will help you further your business and get to know other influencers. 

How to prepare for influencer networking events 

To network effectively, consider your target audience. Who are you influencing and who is your target market of products and services? For example, if you focus on fashion trends, you might reach a twenty-something, primarily female audience. In this case, you might want to find fashion brands for paid promotion on your platform.  

So, when you attend these networking events, you’ll need to market yourself and your influencer platform. First, consider your brand, or how you present yourself. Then, put together some marketing materials, such as a website, portfolio, and business cards

You can use these materials to sell yourself at networking events. They can also help other influences remember you and your platform.  

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