Countingup customers can now raise invoices directly from the Countingup business current account app!

Our mission at Countingup is to make it easier to run a small business.

That’s why we are delighted to announce the launch of our invoicing feature. Countingup customers are now able to raise and send an invoice to customers/clients directly from a smartphone.

We are the first business current account in the UK to offer automated bookkeeping, invoicing and expense capture to limited companies and sole traders, whether you use iOS or Android.

As a small business owner, you will no longer have to juggle with 3 or 4 different pieces of software to run your business. It also means that sending information to your accountant is now a whole lot easier.

It’s a proper business current account too!

Countingup also offers all the features a small business would expect from a business current account, including:

  • UK sort code and account number
  • Contactless Mastercard
  • Cash deposits (via Post Office and PayPoint)
  • Bank transfers
  • Direct debits

The complete financial platform for small businesses

With Countingup adding invoicing to an app that already offers payment services, automated bookkeeping and the ability to capture expenses, we are now a complete financial platform for small businesses.

There’s more to come in 2019 as we’ll be making sure that we’re fully ready for “Making Tax Digital” amongst a raft of features that will be launching over the coming months.

Alongside the features we’ve rolled out we’ve also partnered with leading lenders and payment providers so that our customers can raise capital and take card payments.

Creating and managing invoices couldn’t be easier

The good news is that raising invoices is about to take a lot less time. Once you’ve approved the invoice you’ll be able to preview it, send it to customers and clients and we’ll automatically match it to payments received into your Countingup account.

Spend time on what matters

Running a business is difficult, but raising invoices and getting paid shouldn’t be. That’s why we make sure to get as much feedback and suggestions from our customers as possible

This particular feature was one of our most suggested ideas from our community site, so we are delighted to bring it to our customers.

To find out more visit the Countingup website


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