Most entrepreneurs are no stranger to shiny object syndrome –– you know, that moment when you hit upon a cool new idea, a way to pivot your business you hadn’t previously thought of, a new avenue to explore, a new service to introduce?

The problem is that it’s not easy to be all things to all people. In fact, the key to growing an outstanding business is to do just one thing, but do it incredibly well.

Just ask our client, Matt, from Seasoned: Nothing But Fries.

When it comes to putting together flavours that have your taste buds dancing with pleasure, he and his business partner are the guys to talk to. I suspect there isn’t a foodstuff anywhere that they couldn’t improve with their innovative seasonings.

But they’re keeping it simple. They’ve taken one dish, the humble chip, a side dish, an afterthought, and turned it into a meal in itself. Pretty cool, right?

Matt says, ‘We’re doing for fries what Walkers do for crisps: offering one key product with a range of alternatives. It’s a one-of-a-kind food brand that curates, designs and makes seasonings that imitate popular flavours and uses them to give the perennial favourite French fry a whole new lease of life.’

Fries and finance

It may be a deceptively simple idea but however many products or services you’re offering, launching a brand is never an easy process. ‘I’m the registered director of the company and all work is done by me and my business partner (we call ourselves Seasonaires!).’


Like many entrepreneurs, Matt and his business partner struggled with having to wear so many different hats when setting up their company:

‘As entrepreneurs of food, catering and hospitality we needed to be able to focus on our specialist set of skills, without having to worry about our accounts. As a new business we needed to supply a basic set of accounts showing incoming and outgoing finances. This is exactly what Countingup provides and we actually started using Countingup right from when we launched.

We’re proud to say that Countingup is still an integral part of Seasoned’s business strategy. We now use Countingup as our financial platform. It gives us the facilities to log all our expenditure by attaching receipts and nominating outgoings into separate categories. It clearly shows our profit and loss and together with our business account, gives us real time updates on the company’s finances.’

Fries and the future

It looks like Seasoned: Nothing But Fries is a company for foodies to keep an eye on, with 2019 heralding the launch of both new flavours (the chicken katsu curry fries and piri piri chilli beef fries sound particularly delicious!) and new locations to add to their current spot in Hatch, Manchester.

Matt says, ‘Countingup has given us the ease and peace of mind to be able to concentrate on growing our business without having to track finances. It has helped us to keep our finances on track and not slip into debt as so many new businesses do.’

Would Matt recommend Countingup to other new catering and hospitality companies who want to simplify the day-to-day running of their business?

‘The relationship Countingup has with their customers is nothing like any other company’. Matt’s a particular fan of Countingup’s policy of running customer surveys. He says, ‘It’s this process of taking decisions out of the boardroom and putting them into the hands of the clientele that, I believe, will quickly make Countingup one of the biggest financial tools for small businesses’.

We’d be quick to make equally ambitious predictions for Matt and his business partner. So if you’re a fan of the humble British chip, be sure to check them out. And if you’re not, well, be ready to be converted!

Are you one of the clients that make Countingup? Let us know if you’d like to feature your business here.

Or, like Matt, are you fed up of wearing multiple entrepreneurial hats as you build your business? Find out how Countingup can at least make the finance hat a better fit.


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