For freelancers, getting paid on time can be stressful. 41 per cent of clients hiring freelancers consistently pay late in the UK, according to freelancer platform YunoJuno. 

We are pleased to share that we are making it easier for our community of entrepreneurs to get paid faster, thanks to our new card payment partnership with Stripe.

This comes in addition to our in-app invoicing tool that helps customers create and send customisable invoices in seconds.

How does it work?

When a customer connects their Countingup account to Stripe, they receive a link to a unique, branded web page that they can share with their clients to make a payment. 

By tapping the link on their smartphone or desktop device, it’s easy to make a payment by debit or credit card in over 135 currencies, simply by entering the amount and their card details.

Chasing clients for payment adds unnecessary stress to running your own business. We hope that this new feature will help our community of entrepreneurs to reduce financial admin tasks and get things done faster – so that they can focus on enjoying what they do best” said Tim Fouracre, CEO of Countingup.   

It’s free to open a business current account with Countingup, with our 3 month free trial. You can sign up in minutes by downloading the app here.


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