We love ideas here at Countingup. More specifically, we love the ideas that creative, passionate people have. When they get their mind set on something, they put everything into it. Countingup was created to help those people.

Our idea was to create a simple, easy, and time-saving way to run your business. Instead of spending time doing your books, or frantically getting your tax submission in before the deadline, you should be working on ways to grow your business and make your customers happy.

We want to help you — the entrepreneur, the small business, the driver of the economy — to be the best that you can be.

Unifying payment services with accounting

We truly believe that every small business should have their accounting and business account in one place.

If your bank statement is the “What” i.e. the actual transactions happening in real time, then your accounting software is the “Why” i.e. the interpretation of those bank transactions for tax, compliance and understanding how your business is performing.

In a world where everything and everyone is interconnected, it seems silly that these two things are not. After all, it is 2018.

With Countingup there is no more waiting weeks to see if your business account is approved. No more waiting months to see if your business has a healthy profit and loss. No more wondering what your tax bill will be at the end of the year.

It’s the simple way to run your business. By unifying your business account and accounting, you get real-time insights into your business.

Recently, we added a public place for people to suggest feature ideas, vote on them and ultimately tell us how the product should look and work in the future.

Hundreds of sole traders, entrepreneurs, and accountants have already helped shape the product into what it is today, and what it will become.

Making your life easier

In reality, one of the most frustrating things about getting a business account is how long it takes to open. Scheduling an appointment with the bank, waiting in line, bringing 3 different paper forms of ID — it’s all too slow.

We heard that so often that we knew we had to change it. With Countingup, all you need to set up an account is 5 minutes with your smartphone, some information to verify your business, and photographic ID (passports are best).

You could set up an account with us while you’re still on hold on the phone with a traditional bank.

This ease of use has been baked into the app from the beginning. Everything from the account opening process, to the look and feel of each individual screen — we put a lot of effort into making things as easy to understand as they should be.

After all, you should be spending time making your business grow, not searching for transactions on an outdated bank statement.

Take our automated bookkeeping for example. With the Countingup app, you get a business current account that auto-categorises your transactions. What was a time-consuming and frankly boring chore, is now done without you having to even think about it.

Those same transactions then automatically populate your profit and loss. The P&L report is then broken down month by month or annually, giving you the full picture of how your business is performing financially.

And we have a lot more to come over the next 6–12 months with MTD self-assessment returns, multi-user web access (great for your accountant) and invoicing to name but a few.

Helping small businesses all over the UK to build and grow is the reason Countingup exists.

It’s going to be a crazy journey, and we can’t wait for you to join us.

Download Countingup today from the App Store or Google Play.

Find out more at countingup.com


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