Reaching as many people as possible is essential to earn customers for your small business. 

But it may be challenging to keep up with your marketing efforts. Or you may not feel experienced enough to make it work for you. So, you may want to try outsourcing marketing.

If this concept is new to you and you don’t know where to start, we can help. 

This guide covers outsourced marketing, including:

  • What is outsourced marketing?
  • What are the benefits of outsourced marketing?
  • How much does outsourced marketing cost? 

What is outsourced marketing? 

Outsourced marketing is when you hire an external agency or third party to market your business for you

This approach, used by 42% of UK businesses, reduces the time and energy you put into promotion to focus on your operations. Plus, you’ll put your marketing in the hands of experienced professionals.

You could outsource all of your marketing or parts of it to a third party. There are a range of services that you can choose from, such as: 

You don’t have to sign on to a long-term contract. You can hire out your marketing for one project or try it out to measure its success.  

How can outsourced marketing benefit your small business?

Now that you know what outsourced marketing is, you may wonder why people use it. Why should you hire someone else to market your business when you can do it yourself? 

There are plenty of benefits to outsourced marketing, but let’s look at the main benefits to expect.  


One of the obvious benefits of outsourcing is that it saves you time. The less work you have to do to market your business, the less time-consuming it is. 

If your business is growing rapidly, you may struggle to keep up with your tasks. In this case, it might be a great time to hire out some of your marketing.  

When you lighten your load, you can focus on offering great products or services while someone else leads people to it.

Additional expertise 

Outsourcing your marketing can lead to more effective results. Experienced professionals can use their expensive knowledge to create a marketing strategy and content that works.  

Not only will this take work off your plate. It’ll also improve your promotional activities and make your business look better. 

Agencies have the best knowledge of marketing. Plus, they use advanced tools and data to back up their approach. They can also teach you more about marketing. 

For example, they might show you:

  • How to use different marketing platforms well 
  • Which strategies would work best for your business
  • How to reach your target audience better

Fresh perspective 

Using an agency can also bring in a fresh perspective if you feel stuck or unproductive in your promotional efforts. They can help you develop a strategy and uncover opportunities you may have missed. 

For example, an agency might recommend using TikTok to market your business and offer content ideas. Or they could show you new ways to brand yourself to fit your audience.  


It may feel like a big investment to pay someone to do your marketing for you. Though it will cost you now, it could lead to more earnings later. 

Not only can outsourcing save you time, but it could noticeably increase your traffic and customer base. This tactic can be more cost-efficient if it brings in enough revenue to earn back what you spend on it

Increase your marketing efforts and reach

As a small business owner, you can only do so much on your own. For example, you may spend six hours a week on social media marketing. 

An agency can take these six hours off your hands or incorporate pay-per-click advertising to increase your impact. 

Ultimately, this approach can multiply your audience and convince more people to purchase from you. It’s a great way to profit more from your business. 

How much does outsourced marketing cost?

Sure outsourced marketing is a great way to reach more people for your business. But it doesn’t come free. Each pound counts when you run a small business, and you need to spend wisely. So how much might it cost you?

There’s no solid answer to how much you might spend on this marketing. The fees depend on how many services you use. 

With that said, outsourced marketing can typically cost anywhere between £1,000 – £20,000 per month

Though this may be a large investment, it can be far less expensive than hiring someone in-house. Plus, the cost may even out if your outsourced marketing brings in enough profit. 

Consider reaching out to a few marketing agencies for quotes before deciding if this is a realistic strategy for your business. 

If you’re unsure if this is the right path for you, you can also check out our article: Should I outsource my marketing for my small business?

Outsourced marketing that supports your business 

Hopefully, this article shows you not only what outsourced marketing is but how it can help your business. This approach offers you expertise, effectiveness, and fresh ideas. As a result, you can reach more people and increase sales.  

If you’d like to learn more about the best marketing approach, consider checking out our article on what the best marketing is for your business

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