Marketing can help your small business succeed. But as your small business grows, you may not have the time to manage marketing yourself. 

Luckily, there are plenty of marketing services that can help you reach your business audience. In fact, 62% of UK businesses choose to outsource their digital marketing. 

This guide will discuss if you should outsource the marketing of your small business, including:

  • How to assess your budget for outsourced marketing 
  • What professional marketing can do for your business
  • Where to find marketing services for your small business 

How to assess your budget for outsourced marketing  

Before you decide to outsource the marketing of your small business, consider if it’s worth the cost. 

Consider your budget 

When considering marketing for your small business, think about your budget to see if it makes sense. If your small business is still in its early stages, you can save money by marketing it yourself. 

You can determine if outsource marketing makes sense for your business by doing a cost-benefit analysis. This means you’ll compare the direct fees of outsourced marketing to the benefits of the service. Also, consider your business’s current expenses and earnings. Then look at how much excess cash you have to pay for marketing. 

Outsourcing marketing can save more money than hiring a marketing professional. You can also often make a short term commitment to see how the marketing impacts your business. 

Compare the options

You can compare the prices of marketing packages to see how much that would impact your business finances. Consider asking for price quotes. Then research how much professional marketing can increase your audience. If the expected benefits are greater than how much you’ll spend, it may be the right choice for you. 

Focus on your business goals

When it comes down to it, consider your small business plan. Will outsource marketing grow your audience enough to progress your short term and long term goals?

What professional marketing can do for your business 

If you outsource the marketing of your business, it can help improve your small business performance. This is because it helps to increase your audience and reach potential clients. There are a few reasons it might be a good idea. 

Save time

If your small business is growing, you may not have the time to market your business effectively. If you want it to continue to grow, you’ll need to prioritise marketing along with your business operations. If this is getting overwhelming, outsourcing marketing might be the solution.

Choosing to outsource the marketing of your business can lessen your stress and responsibilities. You will no longer need to handle marketing on top of your daily business operations. You can instead focus on your products and services and how to serve your clients best. 

Pay for expertise 

If you lack marketing knowledge, you may benefit from experienced marketing agencies. They can use their skills to reach your target audience

They will take the time to research and put together a marketing strategy for your business. Using that strategy, they’ll focus on the right platforms and content. Marketers can also help with your brand building and overall business marketing design. 

Professionals can help grow your social media presence. Even more, they can help you design your business website, logo, and advertisements. They could also help with newsletter campaigns and SEO. Marketers can even offer a broad knowledge of marketing analytics and copyright law. 

Aside from building your business brand, these services can create a content schedule to engage with your audience consistently. Overall, outsourced marketing can help your small business appear well branded and professional. 

Grow your business 

The best thing about professional marketing is that their skills will help your business grow. The marketing strategy will allow your business to reach the right people. This could improve your outreach and business reputation, which will help you find new clients. 

Ultimately, professional marketing could help your small business earn more in the long run. 

Where to find marketing services for your small business

If you decide to outsource your marketing, there are a few places you can look to find the right marketing professionals.

Consider what’s right for you

When seeking marketing services for your small business, first consider what kind of marketing might be right for you. Maybe you want to find an agency skilled in social media marketing or specialises in graphic design.

Before you choose a marketing agency, think about what you’re looking for to best suit your business. 

Find the right marketing

To find the right people to market your business, start by researching marketing agencies. Look at agencies’ credentials, awards, and services. 

Well-rounded agencies will likely offer: 

  • Online marketing strategy 
  • Paid promotions and ad pay-per-click
  • Marketing analytics 
  • Website design and development 
  • Social media strategy and management 
  • SEO
  • Newsletter and copywriting services

You can ask for quotes and pitches from several agencies to see what they can offer. You could even try a short term project to see how the agency’s marketing helps your business. This will help you choose the right marketing for your business. 

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