As a freelance writer, your income depends on how many clients you have. Expanding your network will help you grow your client base and help you get to know other writers. A great way to do this is by attending writers’ networking events. 

This guide will discuss how to find writers’ networking events, including:

  • Where to look for writers’ networking events
  • What types of events to attend
  • How to grow your network at these events

Where to look for writers’ networking events

To find writers’ networking events, you’ll need to know where to look. Here are some places to start your search. 

  1. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a great place to start your search for writers’ networking events. This career-focused platform is a great place for networking, as you can message people and comment on posts to form relationships and target potential clients. As you grow your profile, you’ll likely connect with people who work in a similar field as you. 

As you grow your LinkedIn network by connecting with other writers and potential clients, you’ll also be able to find networking events. Pay attention to what these people post on their LinkedIn pages to find events that they might be attending. 

You can also follow organisations and companies that are relevant to your writing career. These accounts might share events, both virtual and in-person, that are of interest to you. 

LinkedIn groups are another good feature. Join groups for freelance writers and writing in general. People often share events and tips in these groups. 

  1. Facebook 

Facebook is another great way to find writers’ networking events. You can start by joining Facebook groups that are relevant to freelance writing. Follow these groups closely to find potential events that will help you meet other writers and grow your client base. 

You may want to join groups like Writers Write, Poets & Writers, and The Writer’s Almanac. If you have a hard time finding events, you can post in the writing-related groups to ask about these events. 

You can also follow organisations on Facebook that may post about or run networking events. 

Apart from Facebook, also consider following relevant accounts on other forms of social media. Follow literary journals and freelance writing organisations on these platforms to stay updated on events.

  1. Eventbrite  

Organisations often add their networking events to platforms like Eventbrite. So, you can also search the Eventbrite platform for both virtual networking events and events in your area. 

To do this, create an Eventbrite account and click ‘Browse Events.’ There are filters for the event category, the date, and the price of the ticket. 

  1. Freelance blogs and websites 

You can also look at freelance writing blogs and websites to find networking events. Some freelance writing blogs may even hold their own networking events. 

Other sites like Writers & Artists, Poets & Writers, and The Society of Young Publishers have pages for events opportunities. 

Similarly, you can listen to writing podcasts to learn more about freelance writing and stay informed about writers’ networking events. 

What types of events to attend

Networking events for freelance writers can vary depending on the event. There may be broader events as well as more focused events. They could be for all types of writing, like fiction, playwriting, or copywriting.  

These events will also be varied in size, both virtual and in-person. Some may be larger conventions with keynotes speakers. Others may be smaller and less formal. Make sure you research the event you’re planning to attend ahead of time so that you know what to expect. 

Some types of writers’ networking events might include: 

  • Writing conferences
  • Research conferences
  • Content marketing conventions
  • Freelance networking meet-and-greets 
  • Book launches 
  • Book festivals 
  • Magazine events
  • Book readings
  • Fundraising dinners
  • Talks and trainings 

To reach different audiences, you may want to attend a variety of networking events. Be sure to choose the events that are most relevant to your career and target audience. This will help you make the most out of the events you attend. 

How to grow your network at these events

Once you find writers’ networking events, you’ll need to engage these events and market yourself to find clients. 

Consider how you can stand out at these events. Also, make an effort to introduce yourself to people and form relationships with other writers. These peers can act as mentors and help you find opportunities for freelance writing. 

Bring marketing materials with you to the networking events. Consider passing out business cards so potential clients can easily contact you. Also, share your social media accounts and website so potential clients can get a better idea of what you offer. 

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