If you run an event management business, it’s always important to consider how you can grow and improve. Assessing and planning for better performance can lead to more satisfied clients and more income. But if you wonder how to improve your event management business, you may want some guidance on where to start. 

This guide will cover how to improve an event management business, including:

  • Improving your marketing 
  • Growing your client base 
  • Organising your financial management 

Better marketing for your event business 

Marketing is essential to the success of your business. Promoting your event management business helps you get in front of the right people to convince them you’re worth doing business with. If you want to improve your marketing, there are a few things you can do to get started. 


The first way to improve your marketing is with a rebrand of your business. Your brand identity is the tone and design that represents your business to the public. You may already have a brand strategy. But if you want to strike the attention of new audiences, you may want to analyse your brand to see what you can freshen up or do better. 

To rebrand your business, first assess your current brand to see if it targets the right audience and appeals to potential customers. You may want to redesign your logo and come up with a new colour scheme. You can also freshen up your website to make it more mobile-friendly and easier to navigate. Consider launching your fresh look to earn buzz around your business and reach new people. 

Increase your social media presence 

Increasing your social media presence is another way to improve your event management business marketing. If you already have profiles on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin, you can work to post more often. You may want to research similar businesses to see what works for them. This research can help you find ideas. Then, plan a strategy to outline your hashtags and goals for these platforms. 

You may also want to consider expanding your marketing efforts to new platforms, such as Pinterest, TikTok, and YouTube. You can film videos and clips to promote your event planning skills and offer tips using these platforms. In addition, you could design and post infographics. With a consistent approach, these new platforms can help you grow your audience. 

Start blogging 

Blogging is another thing you can do to improve the marketing of your small event management business. If you have a good website, consider adding a blog to start content marketing. In fact, 40% of marketers believe content marketing is an essential part of any strategy. By writing regular articles about event planning, you can reach audiences that might need your services. 

When writing these blog posts, consider reading up on SEO best practices to rank more highly on Google. To optimise your content, you’ll have to target keywords relevant to your industry and add internal links. Optimised content will make you more accessible, help you reach more people, and increase traffic to your site, leading to more customers. 

Growing your event management client base

Another big part of how to improve your event management business is by increasing your client base. There are a few things you can do to focus on improving your earnings. 

Network your business 

Networking is a great way to meet potential clients and learn more about the industry. With strong personal skills and marketing materials, you can convert people to clients. So, consider attending events like trade shows, conferences, and meet and greets relevant to the event planning industry. Preparing for these events can help you effectively sell your services. Also, use these events to build vendor relationships to strengthen your business. 

To find networking opportunities, consider looking at event sites like Eventbrite. You can also join event planning associations and look at LinkedIn for relevant events. Try to prepare for them ahead by thinking about your pitch to clients. Also, show up with business cards. 

Offer incentives

If you want to increase your client base, you may consider what incentives or deals you can offer potential clients. If your services are accessible and affordable, it may be easier to grow your client base. For example, you may offer a free event consultation or discounted services with your planning, such as catering or event space. You may be able to do this by forming strong relationships with your vendors and forming partnerships.  

Overall, if you make the event process as stress-free and straightforward as possible, clients will be more likely to work with you. Offering extras is one way to show customers that you care about them and make their experience with your business a positive one. 

Ask for reviews 

Another way to increase your sales is by working to offer the best event management services. 

Then, ask clients to review your services on your Google business profile

You can add some of the best reviews to your website for people to see how great you are. The more positive reviews you have, the more likely other people will be to contact you. Positive reviews can make your business look reliable and can lead to more clients. 

Get your finances in good shape 

Financial management is the key to any small business’s success. So it’s good to always try to improve your financial organisation. With clear financial records, you’ll be aware of how much you make and spend for your business. You can also more easily track your event expenses to add up and invoice clients. But, financial management can be stressful and time-consuming when you’re self-employed. 

The best way to improve this with the right modern accounting software that can streamline your process and save you time. That’s why thousands of business owners use the Countingup app to make their financial admin easier. 

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You can also share your bookkeeping with your accountant instantly without worrying about duplication errors, data lags or inaccuracies. Seamless, simple, and straightforward! 

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