Facebook is the world’s most popular form of social media, with 2.8 billion users. Aside from catching up with friends, users often rely on the platform for business information. Because of this, it’s useful to have a Facebook page for your small business. 

This guide will explain how to create a small business Facebook page, including:

  • How to create a Facebook page for your small business
  • What to include in your business’s Facebook page
  • How to use Facebook to expand your business audience

You can also find Countingup’s general guide on using Facebook for small business here

How to create a Facebook page for your small business

So, you’re wondering how to create your small business Facebook page. To do this, you’ll first need to set up a Facebook account. You can use this account to set up a Facebook business page. A business page allows you to include relevant information about your business. It also has followers rather than friends. 

To create your Facebook business page, either use this link or follow these steps:

  1.  Go to ‘Pages’ in the menu. 
  2. Click ‘Create New Page.’ 
  3. Choose the category and add a description for the page. 

From here, you can start customising your small business Facebook page to fit your needs. 

If you’d like to sell goods directly through Facebook Marketplace, you can also add a Facebook shop to your profile. 

What to include in your business’s Facebook page

When considering how to create a small business Facebook page, you’ll also need to think about what to include on the page to serve customers best. 

Tell the viewer who you are

When creating your Facebook page, think about how you can make the page attractive and easy to navigate. First, add your business name as the title of your page. You can set your business logo as the profile icon and include a header to make your page appear professional and updated. 

Next, add a business description to your page so that viewers can learn a bit about what you offer. Make sure this description is friendly. It can introduce the viewer to your business and its focus or mission. You can also outline the services you offer.

Make it easy for people to contact you

Include your contact information on the page. List your phone number and email address. You can also add your business website URL and any other social media handles so viewers can learn more about your business. To do this, go to ‘About’ and click the pen icon to edit your information. 

If your small business includes a shop, you’ll also want to add your address and business hours. 

Add content to your page

Once you include helpful information to your business’s Facebook page, you can add regular content. Consider what content might be helpful for potential customers and show new people what your business is about. 

Some content ideas include: 

  • Business updates
  • Posts about yourself and your business journey 
  • Photos of your products and services 
  • Photos of your business events 

For example, if your small business is a coffee shop, you can add pictures of your shop to the page. You could also post about seasonal drinks you offer or celebrations like International Coffee Day. 

By regularly adding posts and photos to your Facebook page, you can show viewers that your information is up to date. Also, be sure to respond to comments and messages on Facebook to appear professional to potential customers. 

How to use Facebook to expand your business audience

Once you understand how to create a small business Facebook page, you’ll also want to know how to reach your target audience

Interact with other users

When you post content to your small business Facebook page, try to interact with other users as much as possible. This means encouraging comments and asking questions with your content. For example, if you sell a T-shirt for your business, you can ask users what new colours or types of T-shirts they would be interested in. 

You can also encourage your customers to share photos and comments about your business on your Facebook page. This will help to grow your Facebook page’s audience by reaching these people’s Facebook friends. 

Create a group

Aside from interacting with other users, you can create a Facebook group attached to your page. This will give interested people an opportunity to interact with each other. It will also make your business more accessible. 

You can also interact with and post in other groups relevant to your business. These groups will help target your marketing audience. When posting in Facebook groups, be sure to check the group’s guidelines to see if marketing is allowed. 

Create and share Facebook events

The Facebook event feature allows you to create events and invite Facebook users to them. If you have a sale, workshop, or open house for your small business, you can promote that event and invite people. 

You can also do live streams on Facebook to promote your small business. Live streams can be things like Q&A sessions or virtual events. Streaming helps other users learn more about your business. 

For some more tips on using your business page, Facebook has a small business guide here.

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