If you want to start an au pair agency, you’ll need a strong network

With an au pair agency, you can match interested long-term travellers with families needing childcare for a cultural exchange. But, connections to families and future au pairs are essential to make this happen. 

This guide covers how to network for your au pair agency successfully, including:

  • Narrowing your search. 
  • Looking at social media. 
  • Researching other au pair agencies. 
  • Attending events. 
  • Forming strong relationships. 

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If you want to build a strong network, it’s important to know which connections will most benefit your au pair agency. This knowledge can guide your networking efforts to make them more effective. 

First, you might focus your search on the travel, childcare, and international working industries.  

Then, consider your business services and who your target audience is:  

  • Do you focus on matching international au pairs with families within the UK? 
  • Do you work with UK-based people who want to au pair abroad? 
  • Do you focus on short-term or long-term stays?

For example, if you match UK families to international au pairs, you’ll want to build a network of families in the UK. These relationships will help you find proper matches. 

Looking to social media 

Social media channels are great places to build an au pair network, as they join international audiences together.  


Facebook is the best platform for finding an appropriate audience. Consider creating a Facebook business page to steer people towards your services. 

Finding au pairs and families

Then, find or create groups for the au pair community. Not only can you find people who wish to work abroad, but you can also join groups for local childcare to connect with services. 

For example, check out the Au Pair UK Facebook group, or more specifically this one for au pairing in Edinburgh.  

Finding other au pair agency professionals

You may also find other au pair agencies on Facebook that you could partner with. 

Say you find an agency that matches UK au pairs with US families, and you work with US au pairs looking for UK families. Working together can help both your businesses. 

If you spark the right conversations on this platform with other agencies or professionals, they can teach you a lot about the process. As a result, you’ll be able to tweak your services to run more smoothly.   


Instagram is also filled with travellers you could network with. Consider creating an account for your au pair agency to share photos from your client’s experiences. 

Then, you can search for and use hashtags to find travel bloggers and current or pas au pairs

These people can provide valuable insights around the au pair experience, which can teach you how to better help clients.

Joining au pair associations 

Joining relevant associations and groups can help you meet other people working within the travel and au pair industry. 

The groups can support your knowledge of the au pair world and help you find valuable connections to strengthen and grow your business. 

To find this community, consider looking at platforms like: 

  • British Au Pair Agencies Association (BAPAA) – An association that sets standard regulations for the UK au pair industry. Registering will help you gain insights, credibility, and connections. 
  • International Au Pair Association – This association has a broader audience than just the British association if you’d like to form connections outside of the UK. Becoming a member allows you to join the global community. 
  • Aupair World – One of the biggest sources for people looking for au pairs or families to au pair with. This platform offers a more ‘do-it-yourself’ route, but you can use it to find potential au pairs and families. If you reach out to them offering more assistance with the process, you can win them as part of your network. 
  • Global Work and Travel – A massive database for people looking for job opportunities abroad. If you become an affiliate, you can share your opportunities to gain more connections. 

Some of these sources may be your competitors, but they can still help you find networking opportunities they’re involved with. Researching them will open up doors to grow your network. 

Attending networking events 

Events offer face to face (or virtual) opportunities to grow your au pair network. This live interaction can help you create impressions that last. 

Keep an eye out for: 

  • Conferences 
  • Webinars
  • Trade shows or festivals 
  • Workshops or training 

You can find plenty of opportunities online. For example, a LinkedIn group might share information about a conference you’d like to attend. 

Also, look for event opportunities on sites like:

Maybe you even want to hold your own events

For example, try marketing yourself to families in your area (leaving your business card at schools and childcare locations). Then, hold a reception or online session for people who might be interested in taking on an au pair. 

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Forming strong relationships within the industry

Once you find valuable connections, you’ll need to develop these relationships to make them last

To build strong connections, try to:

  • Introduce yourself politely and clearly.  
  • Contact people with a specific purpose. 
  • Follow up on your new connections. 
  • Check-in with your network regularly to build a rapport. 
  • Learn the specific wants and needs of your network. 
  • Take note of characteristics and information so you can appear knowledgeable and interested. 

Look at your network as something that needs constant nurturing and growth. This way, you’ll build a strong base from which to grow your company. 

An au pair network that grows your business  

Forming a robust network will help you build your au pair agency with the right processes and client base. Just remember to: 

  • Know who to look for
  • Know where to look  (social media, other agencies and databases, and useful events).
  • Follow up to strengthen your connections

From there, you might focus on marketing your agency to put these connections to work. If you’re thinking about this, check out our article on how to create a marketing strategy for small businesses

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