Working as a self-employed cleaner is a great way to earn money as many private households or businesses require assistance to maintain tidiness and sanitation. But, many cleaning supplies use harmful chemicals that can hurt the environment. 

Choosing to use eco-friendly cleaning products suppliers lets you do your part to help the planet. Plus, marketing your business as environmentally friendly can draw in new clients that value this. So, if you wonder how to find the best eco-friendly suppliers, you’ve come to the right place. 

This guide will list some of the best eco-friendly cleaning products suppliers, including: 

  • Eco Ver
  • method
  • Purdy & Figg
  • Tincture 
  • Ethical Superstore 
  • Big Green Smile 

1) Eco Ver– best for large orders

Eco Ver is the first eco-friendly cleaning products supplier to consider. This company creates a variety of plant-based, biodegradable cleaning products, from washing up liquid to household cleaners.

The products come in delightful smells that clean effectively without harmful, nose burning chemicals. Plus, Eco Ver is easy to buy in bulk and refill to reduce your plastic usage. In fact, there are actually over 600 Eco Ver refill stations in the UK. 

You can buy your cleaning products in 5L containers and reuse those containers by filling them when you need more. The refill containers even root you on by labelling the percentage of plastic waste they reduce.

For example, the Pine & Mint 5L (£11.95) reduces plastic by 40% compared to typical 750 ml bottles. Eco Ver also uses 100% recycled plastic for their containers. 

Eco Ver is a great pick for cleaning services of a slightly larger capacity and client base. If you have more than 20 monthly clients and go through substantial amounts of cleaning supplies, Eco Ver’s larger container options help keep you stocked and stored as backup. 

2) method– best for looks and fragrance

Another great eco-friendly supplier to consider as a self-employed cleaner is method. Like Eco Ver, these products are plant-based and biodegradable.

Still, the products are tough on dirt and effective for professional cleaning. They offer a variety of great smells like lavender and clementine. 

Method is also cruelty-free and uses 100% recycled plastic. These products are comparable to Eco Ver, though method’s refill bottles aren’t as big as Eco Ver, and they don’t have refill stations.

With that said, method offers more specific cleaners like glass, wood and anti-bacterial.  

If you look to use an exclusive cleaning label and prioritise appearance and smell, method is likely the best pick for you. If you clean for private homes, these bottles will look great in any cleaning kit and leave a refreshing smell behind.

Still, since the container sizes are less substantial, they’ll be tougher to keep in stock for larger client bases.  

3) Purdy & Figg– best for specialised services

The next cleaning supplier is Purdy & Figg. This small business, started by a nurse and horticulturist, sells natural cleaning concentrates.

Instead of buying plastic bottles of cleaner, you’ll just mix a bit of the concentrate into a bottle of water to create your cleaners. This way, you can use a set of reusable cleaning bottles and refill as you need to. 

According to Purdy & Figg’s website, this business’s process reduces plastic waste by 97% and leads to 14x less CO2 emissions.

Plus, it’s a great way to support other smaller businesses, and you may be able to create a supply contract with them. The products are also manufactured entirely in the UK. So, ordering from Purdy & Figg is more local than larger companies that might ship products worldwide. 

Though these products may be more expensive than larger companies like Eco Ver and method, they’re a great pick if you offer unique or niche cleaning services.

For example, if you have clients who value natural cleaners and have pets or children, using these products might be appealing. 

4) Tincture – best for luxury services

Tincture is another eco-friendly supplier for self-employed cleaners. Tincture offers plant-based cleaners using botanical properties. You can buy them in cleaning sets or sign up for monthly subscriptions.  

Like Purdy & Figg, Tincture does have a higher price point than larger businesses, but they offer unique cleaning solutions. They might be a great pick if you offer cleaning services for luxury homes.

Still, the company doesn’t provide refill bottles to reduce plastic waste. 

The woman who founded the Tincture is also a mother of four, so her solutions could appeal to family household cleaning services.

The natural ingredients are better for people’s health, which is for clean spaces that people spend a lot of time in.  

5) Ethical Superstore– best for variety 

If you want a variety of eco-friendly cleaning products suppliers, you might want to check out Ethical Superstore. This site sells plenty of environmentally friendly labels, like method, Eco Ver, Bio, and Ocean Saver. 

Ethical Superstore is a great place to find a bit of everything and compare prices so you can stay on budget. It’s also a good choice if you don’t want to stick to a single cleaning label for your services.

Plus, you can find other tools to create sustainable services, like reusable cleaning cloths and biodegradable kitchen roll. 

This site would be the best way to find the most variety of cleaning products. You can use it to stock your favourite eco-friendly picks, search for something new that might do the trick, or find a unique cleaning product you need. 

6) Big Green Smile – best for affordability

Big Green Smile is another great shop for finding various eco-friendly cleaning products. This website offers many of the same options as Ethical Superstore, so it’s a great way to compare prices and availability.

You can also narrow your search to shop by brand. Plus, take advantage of their special offers, a wide range of products, or search for their vegan options. 

Like Ethical Superstore, Big Green smile is a spot to find the best variety of products. It’s a great place to look for backup products or affordable options.  

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