Even with the well-documented decline of cash in the UK economy, it is still hugely important for many small businesses.

While the likes of Sumup and iZettle make it very easy to accept card payments anywhere without the costly physical infrastructure, for some customers, cash is still king.

Pretty much the only thing you can actually get done in a high street bank branch these days (especially with their opening hours) is deposit cash.

However, as branches are being closed at a rate of about 60 branches per month, and cash machines are disappearing at a rate of 300 per month, many small businesses face business-crippling problems — especially those in more rural areas.

When we were getting ready to launch Countingup, we knew that for some small businesses we simply had to provide a method of depositing cash earnings safely and securely.

Partnerships with the Post Office and Paypoint

Knowing that this was very important, we partnered with both the Post Office and Paypoint. This gives our customers the choice of over 40,000 locations across the UK at which you can deposit cash into your Countingup account.

All that you need to do is to go to the counter at your local Post Office or convenience store and bring your Countingup card and cash. Find out about Post Office and Paypoint fees.


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