May 2018 marks a huge milestone for Countingup. We’ve opened more than 500 business current accounts on our mission to make running your business incredibly simple.

Just over eight months ago, Countingup was an idea. Since those first lines of code were written, partnerships have been set up with key suppliers and our amazing founding team recruited to build the world’s first business current account that automates accounting for small businesses. We launched our app for sole traders in January 2018 and for limited companies in March 2018.

500 forward thinking businesses have joined us on our journey to make running a business simple and enjoyable. Thanks to all 500 of you for opening an account with Countingup!

Countingup will wow you with excellent customer support

High street banks are notorious for terrible customer service. With 500 businesses to support we will ensure you have a very different experience; an extremely positive one. For example, this note was sent from a customer yesterday who was having problems with a supplier charging his card:

I am impressed with you guys, your attention is much appreciated. I joined Countingup because I believe it is a fantastic concept and I hope you do really well — the market potential is huge!

You want more accounting features? They’re coming soon!

We know you can’t wait to get your hands on the accounting features, as this customer recently told us:

Please could you point me in the correct direction to have my account on the £9.95 tariff please?

We’re thrilled that you’re eager for the accounting functionality, but it’s not quite ready yet. The good news is we’ve started work on invoicing and tax.

500 unaffiliated small businesses is traction

Coming back to our milestone, Countingup is a new business like many of you. We know the roller coaster you’re on as you get started.

  • In January 2018 we opened the very first account. It was exciting as Countingup was suddenly real.
  • The first few accounts were opened by friends and family and people in our network who ran businesses. 100 accounts was significant as it was a sign we were moving beyond our own network of contacts.
  • 500 is traction. We’re now in the territory of businesses opening accounts who are completely unaffiliated with our team. Entrepreneurs are signing up from positive word of mouth and referrals.

Although Countingup is focused on the UK, we’re beginning to make an international impact with a business in the US asking if they were eligible to open an account and just the other day this chap from Ireland:

It’s an amazing business model. I hope you’ll open in Ireland at some point.

Next stop 1,000 customers

Barclays, HSBC, Santander, Lloyds et al. They all started with 1 customer then 100 then 500. We’re counting up to 1,000 accounts open as the next stop on our way to revolutionising what accounting means for small businesses.


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