Stories are a great way to learn things. The analogies that narratives provide can give you insight into new ways of thinking.

As a child in the early stages of their development, the lessons they learn can impact how they see themselves and the world in the future. To give the little ones in your nursery the best start, find the best stories to read to them.

This guide discusses seven of the best books for nursery classes, which include:

  • I’m Starting Nursery
  • The Lion Inside
  • I Will Not Ever Never Eat a Tomato
  • Goodnight Moon
  • The Giving Tree
  • The Rainbow Fish
  • The Lorax

Best books for nursery class:

I’m Starting Nursery

Campbell Books

The first of the best books for your nursery class is from the Big Steps series, which helps toddlers understand their experiences. This one introduces children to their new nursery environment.

Campbell Books tell a story of Ben on his first day at nursery and explains the fun things he does. These activities include:

  • Making friends.
  • Playing with toys.
  • Painting pictures.
  • Dressing up.
  • Listening to stories.

I’m Starting Nursery is the perfect book for the beginning of the year or if new children join the class. The book also includes tips from Early Years Consultant Dr Amanda Gummer to help you as a carer.

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The Lion Inside

Rachel Bright

When toddlers arrive in the nursery, it’s essential to teach them confidence and build up their self-esteem. This book helps get that message across in a way that will hold their attention.

Bright tells an animal-filled story with Mouse, the main character. He feels ignored by bigger creatures and wishes to roar like a lion.

Throughout the tale, Mouse realises that all animals face fear, and even though he’s small he has the ‘heart of a lion’. By the end, he gains confidence and masters his shyness.

It shows children that if they have empathy for others and believe in themselves, they can conquer social situations. 

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I Will Not Ever Never Eat a Tomato

Lauren Child

The characters Charlie and Lola feature in a television show on CBeebies after the popularity of their books. One of the best books for nursery classes is about fussy eating.

In the book, Charlie tricks his sister Lola to try all of the foods she claims to hate. He tells her that each food is something fun, so she’s more willing to give it a go like carrots are ‘orange twiglets from Jupiter’.

The book’s message is that children are reluctant to try foods and decide they don’t like them without a taste. With this book, you may encourage some of the fussiest in your class to eat a better variety.

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Goodnight Moon

Margaret Wise Brown

Adults can struggle to appreciate things in their lives, affecting their mental health. So, if you teach children early on to be grateful for the world around them, it may benefit them later on.

One of the best books for nursery classes is a classic from 1947, and it tells the story of a bunny who says goodnight to all of the familiar things he sees in his room. 

If you incorporate naps into your nursery, it could be a great story to help your class drift off and add some routine to how your kids sleep

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The Giving Tree

Shel Silverstein

The Giving Tree is a book that children can find their own lessons in, and you might be able to discuss with them what they are. It might sound complex, but this beloved book is still for nursery ages.

The story is about two main characters, a tree and a boy. He comes to visit the tree every day to eat its apples. 

Eventually, the boy gets older and demands more from the tree. It loves him so much that it gives and gives. That continues as the boy becomes a man, and takes everything from the tree until there’s nothing left.

You could see Silverstein’s tale as a lesson about the tree’s selflessness or the boy’s accidental selfishness

If you allow your class to draw their own conclusions, it could be a great way to develop their learning.

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The Rainbow Fish

Marcus Pfister

Another great book with lessons to teach your class is about a fish with shiny scales. He’s proud of his scales, and the other fish are envious of them.

Eventually, a small fish asks him if they can have one of his shiny scales, and he refuses rudely. His arrogance leads the other fish to dislike him.

In the end, he discovers that if he shares his scales, he will feel happier himself. So Pfister provides a great story about generosity and vanity.

You can use the book to help teach children to share the toys at the nursery, which might help avoid some arguments at playtime.

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The Lorax

Dr Seuss

Many children have become more aware of climate change and aim to impact the planet better.

One of the best books for your nursery class to read is from Dr Seuss, and it’s a beloved tale that teaches children to care about the environment.

The main character, the Lorax, stands up against the Once-ler who wants to destroy the Truffula trees. It offers a big message in a fun little book. Seuss is known for his playful writing, which children tend to find amusing.

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