Hot on the heels of our most recent feature update, CSV Exports, we have another new feature that we are sure our customers will like. We are sure because, well, you asked for it!

Both CSV Exports and PDF Statements were ideas suggested by our own community, voted on by our customers, and implemented by us. We are delighted to be able to have a quick turnaround from listening to our customers to delivering value directly through the Countingup app!

So, what’s new?

With just 2 taps from the Account screen, you can get a statement sent to your email address in PDF format.

On the ‘Account’ screen, simply tap the button on the top right, near your Available Balance.

From here you can select Printable PDF, or Raw Data CSV formats (why not both?) to be sent directly to your email inbox. The latest available month is automatically chosen, but you can choose any previous month by tapping the ‘Statement date’ dropdown icon.

So, what’s next?

As exciting as a new feature release is for us, we are always looking ahead. Thankfully we have a huge backlog of ideas to work from, thanks to our customers!

As our most voted for feature, our eyes are firmly on the next prize — Invoicing. Obviously a very important feature for both Sole Traders and Limited Companies, we knew it would be amongst the first we would need to implement.

What we didn’t know was how great the feedback to early wireframes and designs. From aspects of personalisation to previews before sending (and lots more ideas for version 2!), our Invoicing feature is already looking better than we thought it

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