As a small business owner, you’ll need to market your business well for success. Brand ambassadors are one way to grow your business audience and find new clients. But what is a brand ambassador, and how can you use them effectively for your business? 

This guide will cover brand ambassadors for small businesses, including: 

  • What is a brand ambassador?
  • How can I use a brand ambassador for my small business?
  • How can I find brand ambassadors for my business?

What is a brand ambassador?

A brand ambassador is a person that works with a business or organisation to promote the business’s brand identity. They help spread the word of that business and promote its products or services. 

Brand ambassadors help build and protect your business’s reputation. They are often public figures or people who have steady followings. This following can help your business reach its target audience. They can also show people why your small business is worth considering.

How can I use brand ambassadors for my small business?

Once you understand what a brand ambassador is, it’s important to know how they can benefit your small business. 

Increase your brand awareness

Brand ambassadors can use their established audience to help your business reach new clients. This increases your brand awareness

When done effectively, ambassadors can convince their followers to purchase from your business. As a result, this can increase traffic to your business websites and spread your brand both digitally and by word of mouth. 

Grow your reputation

Hiring a brand ambassador can also help you create a positive business reputation. They can convince people why your products are worth buying. Brand ambassadors will help your small business appear reputable and desirable.   

Aside from developing a good reputation, brand ambassadors can also humanise your brand. They help attach a personable face to show how your small business can help the everyday person. 

Focus on your target market

Many brand ambassadors reach a specific group of people, such as young adult or student audiences. If you find a brand ambassador who works well with your brand, they can help you get that particular audience. 

Market without a lot of effort

Instead of spending valuable time on your digital marketing to grow your audience, you can use a brand ambassador to access their established following. You can offer brand ambassadors ideas and guidance, but they will put in the work to get your business out there.

How can I find the right brand ambassadors for my business?

Once you understand what a brand ambassador is, you can use that knowledge to find the best brand ambassadors for your business. 

Consider your budget 

The first step in finding a brand ambassador is to consider your marketing budget, as businesses often pay ambassadors for their services. This will help you understand what you can offer an ambassador. If your small business is newer, you could instead offer discounts or free services to less established brand ambassadors. 

Find brand ambassadors that help your brand 

When it comes to brand ambassadors for small businesses, you may want to seek people with smaller or more specific followings that reach your target audience.

Aside from finding the right fit for your small business, you’ll need to consider how a potential brand ambassador represents themselves. Does their content reflect well on your small business? 

When you contact these people, see if they believe in your business and what it offers. You’ll want your brand ambassador to feel a genuine connection to your product to represent it well.

Finding your ambassador

You can look at a few places to find the right brand ambassadors for your business.

Seek fans and customers

Start your search for brand ambassadors by posting on your social media channels to reach out to people who already buy and believe in your products and services. This may help you find people who can post about and promote your products since they already know them well. 

In this case, you might find brand ambassadors who are not professionals and are willing to take discounts or free services instead of payments. 

Find influencers and celebrities

You can also look to social media platforms for influencers to hire as ambassadors of your brand. If you scan platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, you can find people already working as ambassadors. 

Once you find people with platforms complementary to your brand, you can contact them and see if they’re interested in working with you. Aside from that, you can post in social media influencer groups to advertise your brand ambassador roles. 

There are also platforms you can use to search for brand ambassadors. Think about listing the opportunity on Indeed or LinkedIn. You can also use platforms like Brandassador or Statusphere to find influencers to promote your brand. 

Search locally

It may be more effective if you find brand ambassadors local to your business. For example, if you run a small coffee shop, you might target a nearby university student population to gain that customer base. To do this, you may seek a brand ambassador who is a student at the university. 

To find ambassadors local to you, you can also use social media channels like Instagram to search hashtags and locations near you. 

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