When building a business or seeking new clients, business cards are great ways to form connections and grow your network. They can also help you market your small business

This guide will go over what a good business card should look like, including: 

  • What to put on your business card 
  • Strong branding and design 
  • Digital tools to improve your accessibility 
  1. What you should put on your business card

When considering what a good business card should look like, it is important to make sure that the card helps to market you. The best business cards include information that makes it easy to reach you and learn more about your business.  

Apart from knowing who you are and what you offer, a successful business card makes it easy for potential clients to contact your business. You’ll want to include your email address, phone number, your website, and social media handles. Depending on if the business card is for a shop, you may also want to include an address. These things will help increase your outreach. 

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  1. Strong branding and design

Understanding what a good business card should look like is more than knowing what information to include on your business card. It is also knowing how to present that information. 

Establish clear branding

Your business card may be the first introduction to your business for many clients. Because of this, your business card should blend well with your business brand and intentions. If you have a logo for your business or a colour scheme on your website, make sure the business uses them.

Make sure the branding is consistent with what your small business offers. For example, if the focus of your business is social media marketing, then show your design and marketing skills on your business card. If you’re creating business cards for your pizza shop, you may want to include an illustration of pizza on the business card design or even shape the card like a slice of pizza. 

If your branding is clear and consistent, you will appear more professional and may draw more clients. Consistent branding will also help clients remember your business since each element of your business works well with each other. 

Develop the design 

An appealing design will help to attract potential clients to your business. When considering what a good business card should look like, you should consider how to make the design clean and simple to follow. 

To create a clear design for your business card, first consider how to organise the information best. You may want to make sure the name of your business or your own name is the most central and eye-catching element of the card. You can reinforce it with a catchy and easy-to-read font or logo. 

If you put all this information, including the contact information and links, on one side of the card it can become busy and difficult to read. Consider putting some of the information on the back of the card. You can break up these elements with columns or lines and use blank space. A clean design will make your business appear more professional and impress potential clients. 

  1. Digital tools to improve your business card

Today, digital tools have changed what a good business card should look like. There are also design tools that allow you to create a business card unique to your needs. 

Choosing the right platform

Platforms like Canva, VistaPrint, and HelloPrint have great business card design services. They even have pre-made templates that you can develop your business card with. 

These platforms allow you to choose colours, fonts, and add logos. You can choose to orient your business card horizontally, vertically, or create a unique shape. These platforms can be easy to use, and some allow you to order cards straight from the site once you’ve finished. 

You may also want to look into hiring a graphic designer to create a custom business card for you. This option is a bit more pricey. But, if it’s in your marketing budget, hiring a professional can help with your design needs. 

Adding digital elements to your card

One of the most useful digital tools that you can include on your business card is a QR code. This can be a great way to make your website or social channels easily accessed by scanning the code with a phone. By using a generator like QR.io, you can input your URL to easily create QR codes that you can add to your business card. 

You can also consider creating a digital business card alongside your physical copy as a form of digital marketing. This can make you more accessible to clients you haven’t come across in person. Some tools that are helpful in creating digital business cards include Haystack or L-Card

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