Are you looking for a way to spice up your marketing and attract customers from different platforms? Try video marketing!

You might assume that just because there’s video involved, you immediately need a ton of knowledge and money to do it. Wrong! 

Video marketing doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated as long as you know a few tricks and have the right tools. So, in this guide, we’ll share our best small business video marketing tips to help you get started.

We’ll cover:

  • Why your small business should use video marketing
  • 5 small business video marketing tips 
  • The best marketing videos for a small business

Why your small business should use video marketing

These days, videos are everywhere and people love watching them. From social media stories to TV ads, a good video has the power to hook people’s attention and make them talk about you long after the first watch. 

While written content goes a long way, there’s something a little extra about seeing it in action through a well-made video. 

Here are a few benefits video marketing can bring you:

  • Help build brand awareness
  • Improve your online presence
  • Can increase your sales
  • Help you build trust with your customers

5 small business video marketing tips 

Ready to learn more about video marketing? Keep reading.

1) Repurpose existing content

First on our list of top small business video marketing tips is to make use of what you already have. People have different tastes and preferences for everything, including the type of content they like to see from you.

Some of your audience will prefer reading a blog post, while others will prefer a video. So, create something for everyone by repurposing your content. 

For example, you could take a blog post that got a ton of likes, comments and shares and repurpose it into a YouTube video. Alternatively, you could create Instagram stories or a TikTok video based on one of your social posts. 

Repurposing content helps you reach a wider audience and get more traction without needing to think of new topics every time. 

2) Add a video to your home page

Your website is the first place people go to learn more about your business, so hook their attention by adding a video to your home page. 

A short intro video about your business as a whole or explaining how your main product works makes it easier and more fun for visitors to learn about you

Plus, it shows potential customers that you’ve put a lot of thought into creating an enjoyable experience for them. 

Keep your video 30-60 seconds long, so people don’t get bored of the video before they get all the key information you want to share. 

3) Connect with a micro-influencer

If you need a little help getting people to see and interact with your videos, consider reaching out to an influencer in your niche. These people already have a loyal band of followers they can introduce your business to. 

In addition, influencers already know how to create videos that people love and engage with, so you can learn a thing or two. Harnessing the power of these content creators is a great way to improve your reach and conversion rate. 

Whether you want to improve your reach on YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, or LinkedIn, you’ll probably find a ton of influencers you can partner with. 

To learn more, check out: what is influencer marketing?

4) Showcase your expertise

The best way to use video marketing as a small business is to showcase your expertise. Use videos to demonstrate how you solve a problem like no other business or how your product is the only one of its kind

Sharing your knowledge in a well-made video helps build trust in your brand and increase engagement from your audience.

Pro tip: Customers trust other customers over brands, so try to include social proof from people who already love your brand. Add reviews to the video or go further and create a testimonial video about why people love your product. 

5) Express appreciation

Last but not least on our list of small business video marketing tips is to show your audience that you care about them. 

No one likes a brand that doesn’t appreciate its customers, so don’t be one of those companies! Instead, take the time to show your appreciation for everything your customers do for you. 

You can simply sit in front of a camera and send your audience a heartfelt message. They’ll see that you value them and be more loyal to you as a result. 

The best marketing videos for a small business

Do you need to know more about what videos to create? We thought so, which is why we’ve listed them all below. 

Introduction video

If your business is new to the market, create a simple introduction video to present your brand, product or service, mission and values

Add your intro video to your social media, website, and email so people can’t miss it. 

Explainer videos

The primary purpose here is to help your viewer, which you can do in many ways.

For example:

  • Create a tutorial video demonstrating how to use your product
  • Share advice to help viewers overcome a specific problem
  • Teach your audience a skill you’re an expert at

Testimonial videos

Social proof is a great way to get more customers to buy from you, so try implementing a testimonial video as soon as you have the material.

You can either:

  • Share happy customers’ appreciation posts
  • Create a longer video about how your business helped a customer
  • Film a collage of comments from happy customers

See also: How to get positive reviews online.

Behind the scenes

Give customers a sneak peek into the inner workings of your business. For example, you could show them snippets of:

  • How you make your main product
  • Preparing for an event
  • How you source your supplies

FAQ videos

Regardless of your size, customers will always ask questions. So why not make a video where you answer their potential queries?

You can add it to your FAQ page so people can choose to either read or watch it to get their answers. 

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