Top 10 environmentally friendly cleaning products

As the world grows more environmentally conscious, businesses of all sizes are always looking for eco-friendly alternatives to essential products. And because many cleaning products contain harmful chemicals and plastics, they are the perfect place to make a change, 

So, whether you’re an actual cleaning business that cares about the environment, or just a sole trader trying to make  a change to your workplace, try out these ten environmentally friendly cleaning products:

  1. Ecoegg: laundry egg
  2. Bio-D: Laundry liquid
  3. Nookary: refillable glass spray bottles
  4. Delphis Eco: industrial cleaning products
  5. Method: washing-up liquid
  6. Bower Collective: floor cleaner
  7. Ecozone: citrus enzymatic drain cleaning sticks
  8. Seep: compostable sponge and loofah scourer
  9. Nookary: eco-friendly dish brush
  10. E-cloth: deep clean mop

The benefits of environmentally friendly cleaning products

Aside from helping out the planet, there are plenty of valid reasons to seek out environmentally friendly cleaning products for your business. 

Cost efficiency

While some eco-friendly cleaning products may have a higher price tag at first glance, they could end up saving you money because they’re more cost-efficient. For example:

  • Many eco-friendly detergents allow you to wash clothes at lower temperatures, saving you money on electricity.
  • Many eco-friendly cleaning solutions are more concentrated, meaning they will last longer than traditional products.
  • Reusable clothes and wipes can be used again after washing, meaning you’ll spend less overall compared to disposable ones. 

Good PR

Because the environment is such an important issue nowadays, committing to eco-friendly cleaning products can be a huge selling point for your business when attracting clients

On top of that, it could make you a more attractive choice to potential business partners, suppliers, vendors, and advertisers. 

In fact, as environmental consciousness becomes the norm, the good PR you’ll receive isn’t nearly as important as avoiding the negative PR you could receive if you ignore environmental issues entirely. 

1) Ecoegg: laundry egg

Instead of regular detergent or liquid capsules, the laundry egg is a plastic shell filled with natural cleaning pellets that contain no harsh chemicals. 

The pellets are hypoallergenic and can do everything your regular detergent does for up to 70 washes. And once it’s done, you can just refill the egg with more pellets. 

You can purchase the egg for £9.99. 

2) Bio-D: laundry liquid

Bio-D’s laundry liquid is super-concentrated, providing 25 washes per litre. It also works perfectly at lower temperatures, so it’s kinder to your budget as well as the planet. 

If that wasn’t enough, the Bio-D company also prides itself on:

  • Being family-owned. 
  • Using plant-derived and renewably sourced ingredients. 
  • Never testing on animals.
  • Being Vegan Society and Leaping Bunny approved.

You can get their laundry liquid for around £20 (5-litre bottle) on the Bio-D website, alongside a whole range of other eco-friendly cleaning products. 

3) Nookary: all-purpose cleaner

Instead of one-off plastic spray bottles, try using Nookary’s beautiful 500ml glass bottle. Each bottle comes with a 50ml concentrated formula, which needs to be diluted with water to create a powerful all-purpose cleaning solution. 

After it’s empty, just order another pouch of liquid, and you’re good to go. You can buy the bottle a bottle and refill for £22 from the Nookary website

4) Delphis Eco: industrial cleaning products

As the UK’s leading manufacturer of ecological cleaning products, Delphis Eco has all the environmentally friendly cleaning products you could need for your business needs and beyond.

All their products are made with biodegradable plant-based ingredients, and they don’t use any toxins or strong chemicals. On top of that, Delphis Eco was also the first UK brand to make its packaging entirely from domestic recycled plastic milk bottles.

5) Method: washing-up liquid

Regular washing up liquid is full of harmful chemicals that can damage the planet, and it’s not too good for your skin either. 

Method’s plant-based alternative is made with biodegradable ingredients, limiting its impact on the plant and your hands.

Their focus on home cleaning might not make it suitable for large scale cleaning operations, but their variety of eco-friendly cleaning products and hand washes could be the perfect addition to a small business’ daily needs. 

6) Bower Collective: floor cleaner 

Bower Collective’s floor cleaner is the perfect product for cleaning vinyl, laminate, and ceramic tiles. That said, one of their biggest selling points is their commitment to environmentally friendly production. 

Every refill pouch can be sent back to them (at their expense), where it’s cleaned, sterilised, then reused. Additionally, their products are manufactured from ethically sourced ingredients in the UK, meaning they can boast a zero-air miles product. 

7) Ecozone: citrus enzymatic drain cleaning sticks

Drain blockages can build up quickly and cause some truly awful smells while making the sink itself unusable. The traditional solution, drain unblocker, uses viscous chemicals that go straight into the sewer system. 

Ecozone provides a unique alternative with these drain cleaning sticks. They use natural bacteria and enzymes that help clear drains and prevent blockages. 

For just £7.99, you can pick up 12 sticks – one for each month – from the BigGreenSmile website

8) Seep: compostable sponge and loofah scourer

Seep’s compostable sponges are 100% plastic-free and delivered in recyclable packaging. Their unique design lets them expand with water, giving you access to a soft side made from cellulose wood pulp and a harder side made from dried loofah fibres. 

At around £2 per sponge, they are more expensive than regular sponges, but each sponge is guaranteed to last a whole month. 

Check out Seep’s website if you’re interested in any of their environmentally friendly cleaning tools.

9) Nookary: eco-friendly dish brush

Another brilliant design from Nookary, this eco-friendly dish brush is a brilliant alternative to regular plastic and nylon brushes which break down into microplastics that contaminate water. 

The Nookary brush has a long-lasting, recyclable aluminium handle and replaceable bamboo head, with natural sisal plant bristles.

At £20, it’s a little pricier than your regular brush. But it’s well worth the investment if you’re dedicated to the cause, plus it looks great. 

10) E-Cloth: deep clean mop

Last but certainly not least is the E-cloth deep clean mop. This truly innovative product allows you to mop without even using soap. 

The E-cloth itself is made of millions of tiny fibres that trap and absorb dust and dirt particles, making it a perfect cloth for dusting. Then, when water is added to the fabric, it can be used to clean up grease. 

With the full mop set, you can just pop a cloth on the end of the handle and start mopping with nothing but a little water. It’s easy to use, can be used to clean just about anything, and should last for years. 

You can pick up an E-cloth mop set from the John Lewis website for under £20. 

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