The 7 best business books for female entrepreneurs

Being a female entrepreneur can be challenging to say the least. Sometimes, you might feel that nothing is going your way. There will be times when you feel confused about what to do next. 

During challenging times, a good book can be the solution you need to move forward. 

That’s why we’ve compiled a list of books that will help you find your way as a female entrepreneur and create the career you want. 

Some of the best business books out there for female entrepreneurs include:

  • Girl On Fire by Kara Alwill Leyba
  • Crushing It! by Gary Vaynerchuck
  • Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg
  • Thrive by Arianna Huffington
  • Launch Your Inner Entrepreneur by Charlene Walters
  • How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnagie
  • Getting Things Done by David Allen

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The best business books for female entrepreneurs

Girl On Fire: How to Choose Yourself, Burn the Rule Book, and Blaze Your Own Trail in Life

The first book on our list is all about women’s empowerment. In Girl on Fire, Alwill Leyba helps women find their way by providing guidance on:

  • How to create their own opportunities 
  • Trusting their intuition as entrepreneurs
  • Navigating life choices like a boss

Alwill argues that women should challenge the status quo and do things their own way. The book discusses how pushing boundaries help you achieve your goals and harness opportunities to thrive. 

So, if you need a little inspiration to find your entrepreneurial fire, buy and read this book now. 

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Crushing It!: How Great Entrepreneurs Build Their Business and Influence

Gary Vaynerchuk is well-known in the business world and a true inspiration to entrepreneurs (male, female, and non-binary). 

In this book, Vaynerchuck shares lessons from people who built successful businesses after ditching their corporate jobs and going after their dreams. 

He discusses how to leverage social media to:

  • Achieve your business goals
  • Maximise profitability
  • Build a strong reputation

By reading this book, you get to learn the tricks to become an influencer in your field and build a successful business.  

Buy it on Amazon.

Lean In: Women, Work and the Will to Lead

In the next item on our list of best business books for female entrepreneurs, Sheryl Sandberg really gets to the heart of things that can hold women back in business. 

Drawing on her own experience in the business world and backing it up with thorough research, Sandberg provides solid advice and practical tips on:

  • Negotiation techniques
  • Mentorship
  • Building a satisfying career

She also describes the steps women can take to combine professional achievement with personal fulfilment. A must-read for all female entrepreneurs!

Available on Amazon.

Thrive: The Third Metric to Redefining Success and Creating a Life of Well-Being, Wisdom and Wonder

Arianna Huffington is a co-founder of The Huffington Post. In this inspiring book, 

Huffington stresses the importance of work-life balance and self-care. 

She explains how women often overcommit and put themselves last on their to-do lists, neglecting their health in the process. 

By sharing her experiences and related research, Huffington explains how women in business need to reprioritise their lives and adjust how they view success. 

This book is a true inspiration for all female entrepreneurs and a must-read if you’re one of the women who forget to put themselves first. 

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Launch Your Inner Entrepreneur: 10 Mindset Shifts for Women to Take Action, Unleash Creativity and Achieve Financial Success

Next up we have an entrepreneurship playbook and women’s empowerment guide rolled into one. 

In this book, Charlene Walters helps current, and aspiring ‘fempreneurs’ (female entrepreneurs) shift their mindset to launch and grow their businesses. 

Walters goes through common causes of entrepreneurial failures for women and shares advice on:

  • Fighting self-sabotage
  • Dealing with haters
  • Cultivating financial confidence
  • Organising your time
  • Prioritising self-care
  • Leveraging social media

This book is also packed full of practical advice and tools you can use to take your business to the next level today. 

Check it out on Amazon.

How to Win Friends and Influence People: The Only Book You Need to Lead to Success

This one is a true classic when it comes to business literature and an absolute must-have for anyone looking to start and grow a business. 

When running a business, you have to be able to form new business relationships, build rapport and get situations to “work for you”, and Carnegie puts it. 

This is one of the most famous confidence-boosting books ever published and has sold over 16 million copies worldwide

There’s a reason for its success: Carnegie’s timeless advice will help you win people over to your way of thinking without causing resentment. Grab your copy now!

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Getting Things Done: the art of stress-free productivity

The last item on our list of the best business books for female entrepreneurs is another oldie but goodie. 

In this book, Davie Allen helps entrepreneurs become more productive by organising their time, tasks and lives. 

Becoming productive is critical for female entrepreneurs, which is why this book is on our list. You’ll find lots of tools and advice to help you:

  • Form health productivity habits
  • Make important adjustments as a business owner
  • Balance your professional and personal life

This book may be written by a man, but it’ll give women many of the tools they need to succeed in the business world. 

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Finding success as a female entrepreneur

As a woman in the business world, you’ll likely feel the pressure from time to time. The books on this list should give you the tools and confidence to persevere and continue shaping your business. 

Just remember to:

  • Have a clear mission to work towards
  • Believe in yourself and your abilities
  • Prioritising self-care 
  • Embrace failure and learn from it
  • Use your time wisely

It’s also important to ease the pressure on yourself and find fast and straightforward solutions for any area you can.

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