With 2.9 billion monthly active users, Facebook is the largest social media platform in the world. So, it’s no surprise that Facebook is a great place to promote your small business. As a photographer, you can take advantage of the platform’s visual elements to grow your audience and find new clients. But you may be wondering how to effectively promote your photography business on Facebook

This guide will cover how to promote your photography business on Facebook, including: 

  • Creating your photography business Facebook page 
  • Growing your audience on Facebook 
  • Posting regular photography content 
  • Benefiting from cross promotion 
  • Using Facebook Ads

You can find a general guide on getting started with Facebook for small businesses here

Creating your photography business Facebook page

The first step in promoting your photography business on Facebook is to create a Facebook page. This page will help you promote your services and make your business accessible. 

Your Facebook page should have your business name, contact information, and a summary of what you do. For example, you may focus on event photography or nature photography. Make your services clear to potential customers. You can also link your website and other social media accounts to make them accessible. 

Once you have everything set up, design your profile using your photography and business brand. Since your business is image-focused, the Facebook profile should reflect your skills and services. An appealing profile will help back up your abilities. 

Be sure to check this page regularly and respond to any messages or posts you get tagged in. This will help you remain engaged with the platform and appear professional.

Growing your audience on Facebook

Once you have your Facebook profile set up, you can begin to grow your audience. Start by searching for similar profiles. This will help you see what other photographers are posting and what audiences they’re attracting. You can then invite people in your target audience to follow your page. 

On top of this, consider joining Facebook groups that are relevant to photography and the industry. Consider your business focus when looking for groups and people to engage with. If you do wedding photography, look for groups related to that. Then, you can message other photographers or comment on their pages to build relationships in the industry and access their audience. 

Posting regular photography content

Another part of how to promote your photography business on Facebook is creating regular content to interact with and grow your audience. To get a good idea of what content works well, look at which posts got the most attention on similar profiles. 

Then, consider building a content list and calendar, so you know what to post and when. This will help you organise your promotional efforts to maintain a regular presence on the platform. 

Some photography business content ideas include: 

  • Your best photography
  • Information about your services and deals 
  • Videos of you on the job 
  • Updates about jobs you enjoyed doing 
  • Business and industry-related content 
  • Tips on photography skills and equipment 
  • Seasonal content 

When posting visual content for your photography business, be sure to write interesting posts along with the photos or videos. Try to sound personable by using informal language. This may encourage others to interact with you. Then, add hashtags that are relevant to your content to grow your reach. 

Aside from posting to your feed, you can use Facebook Live to get to know your audience and share your business story. Streaming live is also a great way to appear personable. For example, you can live stream photography events or do Q&As.  

Benefiting from cross promotion 

Another form of content you can focus on is cross promotion. This is when your clients or business relationships post about your services and tag you. This means you can share audiences with these users to reach new people. For example, if you photograph a wedding, you can ask your client to tag your page when posting the pictures on Facebook. 

You can also do partnerships with other photographers to create a buzz around your businesses. Maybe run a photography event with other people in the industry or work on a project together. If you take product or marketing photos for another small business, this is another great opportunity for cross promotion.   

When you get tagged in other content, this can fill up your page’s feed. As a result, when new people look at your page, they’ll come across work you’ve done in the past. This is a good way to draw new customers as it will show your skills and how you’ve pleased past customers. 

Using Facebook Ads

Apart from creating content for your page, you can also promote your photography business through Facebook advertising. Facebook’s targeted advertising can help you reach people searching for relevant material on the platform. It can also help you get in front of potential customers in your area. 

Once you create a Facebook Ad, it can grow your audience with minimal effort and time. So, look at your business budget to see if this is the right choice for you. 

With these methods, you can reach more people for your business and convert your growing audience into new customers.  

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