Every successful business has a logo that people instantly recognise. But making one is easier said than done, especially if you have no graphic design experience. 

Use one of the logo generators below to build the perfect logo design for your business.

What makes a good business logo?


Your audience should recognise your logo with one glance. The simplest logos are the ones that people remember most. 


Your logo needs to be legible. Make sure your design can be scaled up or down and still look amazing, not cluttered, pixelated, or over the top. 


The key to a good logo is a design that leaves a lasting impression. You want it to be impactful and instantly capture the viewer’s attention.


The perfect logo looks equally amazing on your website, social media, print material, business cards, and any web device. 


Your logo also needs to be relevant to your trade and industry. Different business types call for different colours, fonts, and overall design. 

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Use a logo generator to make the design process easy

There are plenty of free logo generators you can use to create your logo. Here are our favourites:

Adobe’s free logo maker 

The Adobe Creative Cloud Express logo maker is fast, simple, and has tons of templates you can use to build your design. Although, when customising your logo, the colour and font options are fairly limited. 

Learn more about Adobe’s tool

Tailor Brands’ Logo Maker

Tailor Brand offers lots of mockups and branding elements you can use to create your logo. Although, the free logo file you get is only 192 pixels along its longest edge. But by upgrading, Tailor Brands can become a one-stop-shop for all your brand design.

Learn more about Tailor Brands

Hatchful Free Logo Maker

Hatchful’s logo tool is one of the easiest out there. Simply share key facts about yourself to generate customisable designs compatible with social media and other marketing materials. The downside is that your range of designs is more limited than other tools’.

Learn more about Hatchful

Add your logo to your Countingup invoices

Countingup is a unique two-in-one business current account and accounting software that lets you manage your finances with one simple app.

Create and send unlimited customised invoices on the go so you never waste a minute. You can add your new logo to your invoice templates so clients instantly know who it came from. Once the client pays, the app automatically matches the payment to its invoice to keep your records organised. 

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