If you dream of turning your cake making skills into a business, you may wonder how to ensure success. Starting a small business is a fun and exciting time, but it’s also a lot of work. But if you wonder how to run a successful cake business, we’ll cover a few key tips on where to start.

This guide will cover how to run a successful cake business, including: 

  • Planning for a successful business 
  • Developing smooth operations 
  • Considering your marketing strategy
  • Simplifying financial management 

Planning for a successful cake business

Whether you have already started your cake business or you’re in the beginning stages, you’ll need to plan well for success. 

A business plan 

A business plan allows you to summarise your business’s purpose and outline everything you’ll need. This business plan also helps you create long term, medium, and short term goals. Plus, you can determine how you’ll run your daily operations. 

When writing your business plan, conduct market research to understand trends, competitors, and demand. If you already did market research, updated research lets you follow shifts in the industry.

Look at similar businesses in the area to get an idea of their client base. You can also analyse their branding and prices to find ideas or see what you can do differently. 

A budget

Your business budget is another essential part of planning your cake business. A budget can help you create financial goals for your business and track those goals. If you spend too much on your business, sticking to a budget can help you save and increase your cash flow

To create or update your budget, outline your business expenses. These may be recurring costs like shop rent, cake supplies, marketing and insurance. But they could also be unexpected or one-time expenses. Looking at your records can help you see where to cut down on spending and focus your budget on growth areas, such as marketing. 

A speciality 

Also, think about how to specialise your cake business. Instead of just creating general cakes, you may want to take an angle with your business that makes it unique. For example, you may be an expert in a particular design technique or stick to a theme. Whatever angle you choose will help you market precisely and help you stand out from others.  

Developing smooth operations for your cake business

If you want to know how to run a successful cake business, you’ll need to assess your operations so they can run smoothly.  

Daily operations

To organise the daily operations of your cake business, consider using a management tool like Google Workspace or Microsoft Office. These tools will help you create a daily timetable for your including when you’ll be baking, communicating with clients, or working your shop. You can also use these tools to stay on top of emails and organise documents such as recipes.  

Put aside time to create to-do lists and update your calendar so you can be aware of your tasks and supply delivery schedule. 

Supply chain management 

Supply chain management is another thing to focus on for strong operations for your cake business. The supply chain is the process of ordering materials to creating a finished product. In this case, you chain raw food ingredients and their production to the finished decorated cake. 

Good supply chain management will help you maintain stock of your essential materials to create your products. Without these materials, you can’t sell the finished cake and earn revenue. So if you plan the right timeline and order the correct amount of each necessary ingredient, you can maintain a good supply for your customers. 

Customer service 

Another way to ensure your success in your cake business is to prioritise customer service to create the best experience for your buyers. If you take the time to be friendly and accommodating, you can increase customer loyalty, so people want to return to your business.

Another way to promote customer loyalty is a rewards program that helps customers accumulate points or fill up a loyalty card for a discount. 

Considering your cake business marketing strategy

Knowing how to run a successful cake business is marketing it well to grow your audience and bring in more customers. 

Build a brand 

You can reach the right audience and stand out with a clear brand identity. So consider how you’ll design your business’s marketing materials and overall appearance. For example, what colour scheme will best represent your cake business? Maybe you want to stick to vibrant colours or pastels. Use these to design an eye-catching logo. 

Then, think about the tone you want to use. The right tone will help you build a personality that connects with potential customers. For example, your website and menu could use a formal style and a curling font if you create extravagant wedding cakes. 

Be accessible 

It’s also important to make your business accessible to the public. You can do this with an easy-to-navigate website. The website should have your business name, contact information, and cake list. Also, add your social media handles to your website. Having social media accounts for your business allows you to market yourself more widely and makes it easier for people to find you.

You can also claim your Google business profile so people can find you when searching the internet. This listing is a great place to ask customers for reviews. The more positive reviews you earn, the better your business will appeal to potential customers. 

Simplifying your financial management with Countingup

Succeeding in your cake business also requires strong financial organisation. Businesses must do financial accounting and keep each of their records for about six years. And good management can help you track your performance and make better decisions. 

That’s why thousands of business owners across the UK use the Countingup app. 

It’s a two in one business current account with built-in accounting software. With automatic expense categorisation, receipt capture tools and cash flow insights, you can confidently keep on top of your business finances and save yourself hours of accounting admin, so you can get back to doing what you do best.

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