Clients are the backbone of any web design business since without them, you have no one to serve and no one to pay for your services. If you’re unsure of how to market yourself to attract clients to your web design business, which guide is for you. 

We’ll help you understand how to market your web design business by completing the following steps:

  • Define your ideal client
  • Choose a speciality
  • Engage with people on social media
  • Be authentic and consistent

Define your ideal client

When considering how to market your web design business, the first step is to determine who you want to target with your marketing campaigns. Having a deep understanding of your perfect client (who you dream of working with) helps you define your target audience.

The best way to define your target client is to create a customer avatar or a detailed profile of your perfect customer. You use this profile to guide your content creation, marketing messages, sales conversations, and so on. The idea is to ensure all your material speaks directly to your ideal client’s wants and needs.

Customer avatars

Creating a customer avatar requires you to determine who they are, what they do, what they care about, the problems you can solve for them, and so on. The more details you add to your customer profile, the easier it will be to create marketing content that will catch their attention. 

Clearly communicating who you want as a client and how you can help them makes it much easier for potential customers to see themselves as a good fit for your business. In addition, clients are also more likely to refer you to people they know if they are happy with your services.

It is worth noting that defining your ideal client doesn’t mean you’ll only ever work with your perfect match and turn others away. Your customer avatar simply describes a group of people and businesses you’d like to work with and would serve well.

Choose a speciality

While you might feel tempted to offer a variety of web design services to every sector under the sun, this is not the best way to attract clients. As the old saying goes: “if you try to reach everyone, you’ll reach no one”. 

A more efficient way to attract more clients to your web design business is to become an expert at one thing and build your brand around it. Choosing a speciality will help you focus your marketing efforts and increase your chances of attracting more high-paying clients. After all, people tend to pay more for high-quality work from a specialist. 

When choosing a niche, you can take a couple of different approaches. First, you could specialise in a specific type of project, such as eCommerce stores, sales pages, mobile apps, or product websites. Alternatively, you could focus on a particular client type or industry, like retail stores, medical practices, freelancers, associations, and so on. 

Remember that you can still be good at many different things when having a speciality. Choosing a niche simply means you lead with your speciality and focus your marketing efforts on that. Then, you can follow up with other services as upsells or add-ons.

Engage with people on social media

When figuring out how to market your web design business, take a moment to think about where your target audience spends their time online. Social media is an excellent way to find potential clients and attract people to your web design services –– if you use it right.

If you want to attract clients to your business, you want to establish yourself as a thought leader. You achieve this by posting content that provides value to your audience and engaging with your followers. 

Building a reputation for yourself on social media takes time and dedication. Start by picking social media platforms that your ideal clients are active on (typically Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter). Create a professional account and use it to answer questions, share useful information, comment on others’ posts, and do what you can to add value to conversations. Learn more about how to use social media for your business.

Be authentic and consistent

The market is oversaturated with businesses competing for peoples’ attention, so it’s vital to do what you can to make your business and marketing campaigns stand out. It’s also important to remain authentic and do your best to show that there’s a human behind the web design. 

You can bring out your human side by writing in the first person, being honest about who you are and engaging with your audience in an honest way. Stay true to yourself and your business even when you’re tempted to make yourself look larger and more established than you are. 

Authenticity makes you more relatable to clients, which can help you build a connection and relationship with them. In addition, it’s equally important to present yourself consistently across all your channels. That means using the same colour palette, language, style, and logo for all your marketing materials. 

Staying consistent and presenting yourself honestly will make you more memorable, increasing the chances of people remembering your business after interacting with you.

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