When clients seek interior designers to update a space, it may seem like there are countless options. But it can seem intimidating to convince clients to choose your interior design business over the nearly 6,000 others in the UK. It’s important to consider how to show clients you’re the right choice. 

This guide will cover how to convince clients for interior design, including: 

  • Knowing how to stand out
  • Forming close relationships
  • Offering ideas and solutions
  • Getting referrals  
  • Appearing confident 

Knowing how to stand out as an interior designer 

To convince clients for interior design, you’ll need to know what makes you different from other options and use that to sell yourself. For example, if you earned a degree in interior design from a competitive university, you may mention this on your marketing materials, website, and sales pitch. Or if you specialise in a specific style, skill, or method, this is something worth focusing on. 

You could also choose to push specific perks such as unique pricing or relationships with vendors. The more you understand what your target audience needs and wants from an interior designer, the better you can show that you meet those needs. 

Researching similar businesses will help you get ideas of what to do differently. When doing this, ask yourself: why should a customer choose me? With a clear answer, you’ll convince customers more easily. 

Forming close relationships with potential clients 

More than other services, interior design demands a strong personal relationship and understanding to create the ideal finished product. Many clients have an idea of what they want their space to look like but lack the skills or vocabulary to express it. If you can communicate and listen to your clients well, you’ll show that you’re the right choice. 

With the right customer service and conversation skills, potential clients will feel they can trust you. Plus, taking the time to get to know them and their desires will help you serve them. The stronger your relationships, the better design you can create for them.

When you meet potential clients, whether it be through marketing or networking events or at sales meetings, aim to show them your business approach. Make an effort to be friendly, timely, and reliable. Then, consider asking potential clients essential questions and offering a practised pitch of who you are and what you offer. 

To go even further, you may want to create a way to learn about their interior design needs. For example, you could add a quiz on your website that helps potential clients understand their style, taste, and desires. 

Offering interior design ideas and solutions 

Knowing how to convince clients for interior design is more than having strong listening and people skills. You’ll also need to exhibit your interior design abilities to show people why to choose you over other designers. 

To start, try adding a portfolio and examples of your design work to your website. You can also add examples to your marketing materials. If you attend trade shows or exhibitions, consider putting together a board of your skills, techniques, and finished projects.  

If you have a sales meeting with a potential client and already know about the project, put together some design ideas and develop a vision for the project. Showing potential clients that you already have an idea and how to accomplish it can help you appear prepared and professional. 

Plus, coming to meetings with plans and solutions, even project quotes, will make the process easier for potential clients. The easier you make it for clients to hire you, the more likely they will. 

Getting referrals and testimonials

To strengthen your pitch, ask for referrals or testimonials from satisfied clients. For example, say you designed a client’s dream kitchen and they were beyond pleased. You can ask them to put this satisfaction in writing or see if they’re willing to tell potential clients how great you are. Hearing positive feedback from past clients will make people feel more confident in working with you. 

You can collect positive testimonials on your interior design website, Google business page, or even ask clients to post about you on social media pages. By sharing these on your own social media platforms, you’ll grow your audience while showing potential clients your successes. 

Appearing confident to sell yourself 

Confidence is another essential part of convincing clients to choose your interior design business. Appearing professional, knowledgeable, and bold shows clients that you believe in your services. As a result, this confidence will help potential clients feel optimistic about hiring you. 

To do this, try to talk in clear and firm language. Instead of saying ‘I think I can help you’ say ‘I will help you by…’ you can prepare yourself ahead of time with clear talking points and sales pitches. As a result, you’ll prove that you’re the best interior designer for the job. 

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