As an accountant, advertising is an essential part of growing your customer base and, in turn, earning more revenue. That said, the success of your advertising depends on your strategy and how well you target your audience. 

Google advertising is an excellent way to promote your services. It can help you increase your client base by making sure your campaigns reach the right people. So if you wonder how to advertise an accounting firm on Google, we’ll cover a few ways to get started. 

This guide will discuss how to advertise your accounting firm on Google, including: 

  • The types of Google advertising  
  • How to create a strong Google advert
  • How to get your Google adverts up and running

The types of Google advertising  

As the world’s most popular search engine, Google gets about 90 billion searches per month, which makes it a great place to advertise an accounting firm. If someone needs an accountant, chances are they look to search engines to find one. 

Search adverts

One form of Google advertising is the search ad, which reaches potential customers searching for similar services or topics. Search ads appear at the top of a Google results page when someone Googles similar content. This means that rather than ranking organically through SEO tactics, search ads allow you to pay for a place at the top of the search results.

When your website link appears as a search ad, Google attaches an ‘Ad’ tag to differentiate them from organic links that got their top rankings using good SEO practices. The downside to this is people will know you paid for this spot. On the plus side, it’ll increase your visibility. 

Display adverts 

Another form of advertising for Google is the display ad, a visual ad that appears on web pages as a user scrolls. In this case, users may not directly search for accounting services. Still, with the visual ad, people may come across your business if it’s relevant to their search history. For example, if someone Googles ‘how to file taxes,’ your advert could pop up as an easy alternative.  

So, if you create a compelling advert for your accounting firm, people who Google accounting topics might come across it. As a result, it’s more likely to lead to a customer because that person could benefit from accounting services. 


Whichever adverts you choose to invest in, you can create and develop a Google Ads campaign based on your goals and objectives. You can then use Analytics and other tracking methods to measure how successful each campaign is. A Google Ads campaign allows you to outline your advert type, location, and target certain users. But to get the best results, you’ll need a strong advert.  

How to create a strong Google advert

Once you decide how to advertise your accounting firm with Google, you may want to consider how you’ll put the adverts together to maximise their effectiveness.

Consider the design 

Google can help get your business in front of the right people, but it’s up to you to make that opportunity count. So, design your advert well, clearly listing what you offer that will benefit your potential clients. Consider what your accounting clients really need from you

For the search advert, try to keep the page title brief and easily read. Then, write a meta description, or a little blurb using a call to action that entices the viewer to click on your ad, like ‘Simplify your taxes’. Then, include important keywords, such as ‘accounting services’ or ‘small business accountant.’

If you create a display ad, you may want to hire a professional to design it. Otherwise, you could use a platform like Canva or Adobe to create a compelling visual that urges users to click through. 

Your advert, no matter the format, must click through to something. You could connect it to your business website or your Google business profile. Either way, the key is to make it easy for people to get in touch and find out more if they want to.

Target your adverts

Google also considers each user’s interests and suggests relevant content. So, you can use display network targeting to make sure your adverts appear in front of the right people. When doing this, consider who your ideal client is, since they’re the ones that form your target audience

For example, if you work primarily with small businesses, you likely want to target those. So think about what services you offer and where you might find the right people who could benefit from those services.

Response ads 

Aside from the targeting tools, you can use response ads to make your advertising compatible with multiple platforms. You won’t have to reformat your design to fit different platforms; Google will do it for you automatically. 

How to get your Google adverts up and running

Once you know how to advertise an accounting firm using Google, you can get started with a few easy steps. 

Determine a budget 

To start getting your Google advertising together, first consider how much you want to spend. With a clear advertising budget, Google ads can lead to more revenue for your accounting firm. 

Data from WordStream suggests the average Google Ads cost per click for search ads is £1.95. Meanwhile, the average cost-per-click for display ads is £0.48. This is important to keep in mind when considering what budget to set aside. 

Set up Google Ads

Next, visit the Google Ads page. From there, you can sign into a Google account or click ‘start now.’ Google will ask about your advertising goals and help you determine the best campaign for you. 

Monitor your results 

The best way to succeed with your advertising campaign is by closely tracking and analysing your success with the Google Ad performance statistics. These statistics will show how many views and click-throughs you get. It can also show which views lead to new customers, and greater revenue. 

Learn more about measuring the success of a marketing campaign here

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