When running your own accounting firm, marketing is essential to finding clients. With over 3.6 billion worldwide users, social media platforms offer an effective method to market your business. 

When you establish a presence on social media channels, you can interact directly with the public to share your business and earn clients. 

But if you’re not sure how to make the most of it, we can help. 

This guide covers social media marketing tips for accountants, including:

  • Trying multiple platforms
  • Creating strong your content 
  • Promoting different types of content 
  • Posting regularly  
  • Interacting with your audience 

Why you should use social media marketing as an accountant 

Promoting your small business on social media lets you engage with your target audience and produce leads. It also helps you develop brand awareness and make your practice more accessible

Today, potential clients often turn to the internet to find an accountant. The typical social media user spends 147 minutes on these platforms per day. 

If you offer a relevant, accessible, and up-to-date presence, it’ll show that you’re digitally aware and make it much easier for people to find you. 

Social media marketing tips for accountants 

If you’re new to social media, you may not know how to make the most of it. We’ll cover some of the best social media marketing tips for accountants. 

Try multiple platforms 

Try using multiple social media platforms to build a solid promotional strategy. Doing so can diversify your outreach and help you target demographics that use different platforms. Let’s look at a few outlets to try.


LinkedIn focuses on professional networking. So, it can be a great way to find businesses or self-employed people that may need accounting services. 

You can build your profile, join groups, and post written, visual, and video content to share with your connections. 


Facebook is a great place to market small businesses, including accounting firms. Though it’s less networking focused, you can find other small businesses and grow your brand image. 


Instagram is a visual platform that lets you post pictures from your accounting firm, events, or infographics for your audience. You could also post videos on Reel and create stories to provide updates about your business. 


Twitter is an excellent platform for posting short-form content, such as accounting tips, interactive questions, or important updates. You can also add polls to learn more about your followers. 

Create strong content

The content you publish on social media can make or break your success. So consider what type of content people within your target audience want to see. Also, try to post content that builds your brand awareness productively. 

Here are a few topics you could cover in your social media content to keep it diverse: 

  • Business updates 
  • Accounting tips 
  • Industry news and research 
  • Relevant personal anecdotes
  • Tutorial and promotional videos 

Tone of voice

The content you post on social media acts as your brand voice, so you might want to create tone of voice guidelines to ensure consistency

Your purpose as an accountant is to make client’s lives easier by helping with complicated tasks like financial management and taxes. So instead of using complex terms, consider sticking to straightforward language. 

Then, include personal touches that make your practice human and approachable. 


Since most social media platforms offer a scrolling feed, people don’t spend much time on each post. So your posts need to grab people’s attention. 

Use active language that relays the essential information briefly and memorably to enhance your content. Also, try asking people questions or using poll features to increase users’ interaction

You might also try running surveys and studies to show that you try to learn more about your firm and accounting trends. Doing so can help establish you as an expert to your audience. 

Incorporate design elements 

Some social media platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, and TikTok are primarily visual. So, try designing eye-catching elements to make your content more attractive. 

Apart from using the available features, you can use free design tools like Canva or Vimeo to optimise your content and make it look more professional. 

Promote different types of content

Try posting different types of social media content to create a more diverse presence. For example, you might write:

  • Short-form written content 
  • Links to articles or blog posts
  • Videos
  • Polls
  • Visual content

Publishing different content types can add colour to your page to avoid looking bland and offer a little bit for everyone. 

Post regularly 

Posting content regularly is another great social media marketing tip for accountants. Try to set a goal for how often you want to update your platforms, such as once a week

You can use a social media management tool like Hootsuite to save you time on planning and scheduling posts and finding hashtags. Overall, it’ll make the process more efficient. 

Interact with your audience 

Posting content on social media is a good way to build followers. But, also try interacting with users on the platforms consistently to develop relationships.  

Here are a few ways to interact with your audience: 

  • Commenting on posts within your market 
  • Messaging users that might benefit from your services
  • Creating and joining groups to reach new users, such as UK based accounting groups

Market your accounting business for success 

Hopefully, these social media marketing tips for accountants can help you grow your audience and earn new leads. Just remember to: 

  • Create content that people want to interact with 
  • Add a touch of design 
  • Use various platforms at once
  • Try out different content formats
  • Maintain your presence by posting regularly
  • Interact with others on the platforms

If you’d like to learn more about the best way to promote your accounting firm, check out marketing tips for accounting firms in 2022

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