When running a small business, it’s important to win customers and overcome competition. One way to do this is by adding a personal touch to your business. 

Personalisation helps you connect with your customer base and build loyalty. It’ll also help you maintain a positive attitude they can trust. But if you’re curious about the best ways to do it, you’ve come to the right place.

This guide lists ways to add a personal touch in business, such as:

  • Including a handwritten note
  • Offering customised merch
  • Adding a surprise touch 
  • Responding to reviews 
  • Sending holiday and birthday messages 
  • Sharing surveys with customers 
  • Saying thank you to customers 

7 ways to add a personal touch in business

Include handwritten notes

If you ship products, a great way to add a personal touch in business is by including a handwritten note. 

What might you write in your note? You could wish your customer well, thank them for their business, or summarise your story. 

When people find the note alongside their order, the fact that you took the time to write it by hand will mean more. It exposes the human side of your business.  

Try using nice card stock and your best handwriting when writing notes. Plus, avoid typos or smudges so your message will appear tidy and professional. 

Offer custom merch 

Custom merch is another way to personalise your business. You could create go-to items like t-shirts, pens, coasters, or keychains with your logo

Additionally, try making shirts or stickers with quotes or designs relevant to your brand. If you sell this merchandise, offer it as prizes, or pass it out for free, it’ll connect your customers and remind them of your business. 

This swag can help you create an identity for your client base and build a tight-knit community

Add a surprise touch

Let’s face it. People love free things. So, little surprises are great ways to add a special touch. 

You could include something in orders, like a sticker or mini print. Or you might send out a discount when people book services or buy products. 

The added touch will show customers that you take the extra step and appreciate them individually. It also shows that you care about more than just your profits

For example, if you ship candles for your business, think about adding a free box of matches stamped with your logo. Not only will this be a free surprise, but it’ll also be helpful to the customer. 

Respond to customer reviews 

When people leave reviews for your business, these comments can gauge how well you’re doing. So why not encourage this feedback by responding to it?

When a customer takes the time to leave a detailed positive review, consider responding with a personalised thank you message, such as: 

Hi____. I’m glad to hear you enjoyed your experience at _____, especially the _____. 

Alternatively, consider responding to more critical reviews with an apology or request for more information. Though negative reviews may feel insulting, they can be great learning opportunities. 

Here’s a template to try: 

I’m sorry to hear about your experience and that you ______. At ______, the customer comes first, so (offer a solution). I’d love to hear more if you could email me at _____.  

Send holiday and birthday messages 

Consider sending personalised emails or cards for birthdays or holidays. If you reference each client by name and share genuine well-wishes, it’ll show that you care. 

When taking on new clients, you can ask for their email address, physical address, and birthday. With that said, be sure to ask for consent to send promotional content or birthday messages. 

With seasonal content, you might also include a personalised offer. For example, you could offer customers 25% off as a birthday gift

Share surveys to understand the client’s experience 

It’s easier to personalise your business if you understand what your clients want. Try sending out a survey to your customer base to learn their perspective. With a tool like Google Forms, you can create your unique questionnaire. 

Sending this form out will help you learn more about customer experience and satisfaction. But it will also show that you care what they think. 

Additionally, use the feedback to alter your products or services and add personal touches that speak to your audience. 

Say thank you 

Showing thanks to your customers is also a great way to add a personal touch in business. So, think about sending a thank you note to each client after you close a sale, either through the post or by email. 

The thank you message may feel like a small effort, but it reminds customers of your business afterwards. Plus, it allows you to build individual relationships

Here’s a template you could use: 

Dear _____, 

Thank you for your recent purchase. I hope you enjoy the ______, and I’m glad you chose (name of your business). I’ve been passionate about _____ for a long time and started this business to _____. 

Let me know if you have any thoughts or questions about your purchase, and if you have a free moment, please review it here.

Feel free to reach out with any future ____ needs. 


(Name and business name)

Personalise your business to win customers 

As you use these tactics to add a personal touch to your business, you can make yourself more engaging and memorable. Just remember, if you want to stand out, you could:

  • Add a handwritten note to orders
  • Design cool swag
  • Offer free surprises 
  • Reply to customer reviews
  • Send messages for holidays and birthdays 
  • Ask for client feedback 
  • Share your thanks

As you strengthen your brand reputation with these touches, you might want to bring in more customers. Next, consider checking out our article on how to improve your sales pitch

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