Digital marketing networking events to find clients

Networking is the key to making new connections, learning new industry trends, and finding new clients. For digital marketing, where technology keeps driving innovation and change in the industry, it’s crucial to stay in the loop and keep building a professional network. 

But as 2021 draws to an end, time is running out for digital marketers to get involved with the biggest and best networking events of the year.

That said, there are still loads of digital marketing networking events coming up, based in the UK and online, at a broad range of prices. 

To help you decide which events are perfect for you, we’ll be listing some upcoming events and advice on how to make the most out of them, including:

  • Digital marketing events based in the UK.
  • Digital marketing events based online.
  • How to make the most out of digital marketing events. 

For more information about networking, in general, check out our article, “How to expand my network”.

Digital marketing events based in the UK

The following digital marketing events are all UK based events in 2021. Some are hybrid events, meaning you can attend in person or virtually, and prices can change as the events get closer. 

Social Media Week London

Date: Nov 2-4

Location: London, UK (virtual tickets available)

Price: £149 (standard pass) or £299 (premium pass)

Subject: Social Media and Marketing 

Event website

The Advanced Email Conference

Date: Nov 4

Location: London, UK (virtual tickets available)

Price: £349

Subject: Email marketing

Event website


Date: Nov 9

Location: Newcastle-upon-Tyne, UK (virtual tickets available)

Price: £330

Subject: Digital marketing, sales tactics, and growth strategies

Event website

Marketing Technology Expo

Date: Nov 16-17

Location: London, UK

Price: Free

Subject: Marketing technology

Event website

The MarTech Summit

Date: Nov 17-18

Location: London, UK

Price: £595

Subject: Marketing technology

Event website

UnGagged London 

Date: Nov 19

Location: London, UK

Price: £235

Subject: Digital marketing

Event website

Digital marketing events based online

These digital marketing events are hosted online, meaning they’re available to people all over the world. Some events are priced in different currencies because they’re hosted in different countries. And, as before, the prices may change as the event gets closer. 


Date: Nov 9-10

Price: $195

Subject: Retail, marketing, and technology

Event website

Programmatic pioneers summit

Date: Nov 10-11

Price: Free

Subject: Marketing and media

Event website

SMXL Milan

Date: Nov 10-11l

Price: €190

Subject: Digital marketing

Event website

Ecom World

Date: Nov 15-16

Price: $144

Subject: E-commerce

Event website

Econsultancy Live

Date: Nov 22-24

Price: £199 (single pass), £140 (group pass)

Subject: E-commerce

Event website

LocalU Advanced

Date: Nov 30

Price: $99

Subject: Marketing

Event website

B2B Online Connect

Date: Dec 7-8

Price: Invitation by request

Subject: E-commerce, digital marketing, and sales

Event website

Social Media Strategies Summit: Public Agencies & Government

Date: Dec 8-9

Price: $69

Subject: Social media strategies (for government agencies)

Event website

How to make the most out of digital marketing events

You’ll only have a limited amount of time at networking events, and they’ll likely cost you money to attend, so here are some tips to help you make the most out of every event. 

Think about your goals and outcomes. 

Before you attend a networking event, set yourself some goals, such as:

  • Meet a certain number of people. 
  • Set a certain number of appointments. 
  • Collect a certain number of contacts. 
  • Reconnect with particular contacts.

You should research the event beforehand. Find out who will be featured, and their schedules, so you know exactly who you’re aiming to talk to and when they’re available. 

Meet new people

New people are the route to new customers and clients, so try to expand your network by building as many new relationships as you can. 

But building relationships isn’t just about saying hello to as many people as possible. It’s important to make meaningful connections that will lead to more meetings in the future. 

Make sure to ask plenty of questions, and listen to their responses so you can find shared values and interests. 

At the end of the day, people like doing business with other people, so putting in some extra effort to make human connections will go a long way. 

Collect business cards

While you should be handing out business cards, if you have them, it’s probably more important to collect them from other people. 

It’s easy to forget about a business card or just throw it away.  No matter how many cards you hand out, they could all end up in the bin or the bottom of a purse. 

On the other hand, when you have the business cards, you have control over the next steps. For virtual events, this obviously isn’t an option, but you can still get people’s contact information if you ask for it. 

Follow up 

Following up on new contracts is crucial. First off, it’ll prevent people forgetting you, but it also shows you’ve got initiative.

You can follow up by connecting with new contacts on social media, over the phone, over email, or text message. Maybe don’t do it all at once so you seem overly eager. 

Enjoy yourself 

As we mentioned before, business really takes place between people, so try to relax and be yourself. 

People respond to confidence and authenticity. Don’t waste your time pretending to be what you think others want to see. 

Instead, engage with people on a human level. It’s the best way to lay a strong foundation for a future relationship. 

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