Networking events are a great way to find new clients. In a huge community like software development, there are tons of different networking events you can attend to make new contacts and meet potential new clients for your business. 

With the ongoing pandemic, many of these events are virtual. They’re still a great way to meet people within your industry, though, and an excellent place to find new clients.

This article will list a few networking events available to software developers and discuss the potential benefits of attending each. The events we’ll look at include:

  • Oracle Database World
  • DeveloperWeek
  • Microsoft Ignite
  • DevOpsCon
  • Facebook F8
  • Devoxx

Oracle Database World

Oracle puts on a number of events, but the Oracle Database World series of events is one of their biggest. Oracle is a multinational company that offers a wide range of computer-centric products and services, but its primary focus is database software. 

Oracle Database World also focuses on databases, with the company claiming it is the largest and most comprehensive database event of the year. If your work involves a lot of data, this event will be a great place to learn more about that particular aspect of software engineering. 

Oracle offers a wide range of software products — from databases to software development platforms and commercial apps. Oracle Database World will have talks and hands-on labs focusing on each of these, so no matter what kind of developer you are, you’ll likely find someone who needs your help.

Oracle Database World Europe will be taking place virtually on the 2nd and 3rd of November. 


If you’re looking for a place to promote your software development business, you’ll not find a bigger audience than DeveloperWeek. With over 2000 attendees, over 1000 attending companies and more than 100 technical speakers, there’s a huge amount to see and discover at DeveloperWeek.

DeveloperWeek is an international organisation with events all over the world. The European DeveloperWeek is on April 26th and 27th 2022, but its original counterpart takes place a few months earlier in February. Although the in-person convention is in the US, they have a virtual counterpart between 7-8th of February that you can attend from anywhere.

Microsoft Ignite 

Microsoft is an enormous tech company that offers a huge number of technologies that can help nearly any business. If you use a lot of Microsoft technology, or if you have an interest in the latest tech developments that Microsoft has to offer, consider attending Microsoft Ignite.

Ignite has a big focus on technology in business, so it’s a great place to meet business owners looking for technological solutions to their problems. If you run a software development company or you’re a freelance developer looking for a job, interact with these people during the event to see if you can get yourself a new client.

Microsft Ignite is a digital event taking place from the 2nd to the 4th of November.


DevOps or development operations is the practice of integrating the work of developers who create software with the IT teams that use and adapt software. DevOpsCon is an event for DevOps engineers and experts to discuss their industry with each other. 

As DevOps is such a specialised field, this event is a huge opportunity for any developer that know about DevOps practices and can lend that expertise to clients. Since DevOpsCon has an in-person event, you can meet potential clients face-to-face and (if all goes well) ask them to meet in future

DevOpsCon takes place between April 26th and 29th 2022. It’s a hybrid event, meaning as well as the in-person event in London, there’s a virtual event available online. 

Facebook F8 

Many big players in the tech industry hold their own networking events for developers, and Facebook is no different. Facebook F8 is their software development conference, and it looks at the different technologies Facebook offers to people and businesses around the world. Hundreds of people use Facebook to grow their business, so it’s a popular event with users of the social media platform.

There’s not currently a date for Facebook F8 conference in 2022, but keep an eye out for news. Considering the size of Facebook as a company and its interest in being at the forefront of software development, the next F8 event is sure to be of interest to any software developer.


Devoxx is a UK-based developer networking event that covers a huge range of topics. There will be discussions, speeches, and activities on everything from artificial intelligence to robotics and programming languages to cybersecurity.

Devoxx is a great networking event because of the range of topics it covers. No matter your software development skills, Devoxx will provide a platform for you to either meet people in need of your skills or for you to learn about another industry you could work in.

 Devoxx offers a hybrid event, holding an in-person conference and virtual events between November 1st and 3rd.

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