As a contractor, networking events can help you promote your business and meet new people in the industry. They’re valuable ways to find new clients and earn more money. But what are some contractor networking events, and how can you use them effectively to promote your business?

This guide covers contractor networking events, including:

  • Where to look for contractor networking events 
  • What kinds of events you might attend
  • How to ensure you have the best experience 

Where to look for contractor networking events

To find the most helpful events for your contracting business, you’ll need to do a bit of research beforehand. There are a few places you can look for the best opportunities. 

Event sites

Event sites, like Eventbrite and Billetto, are great places to find the right events to attend, either virtually or in person. These sites have easy-to-use browsing features like category, location, and price ranges to target your search. You can even list your own events on these platforms to find a networking audience. 

You can also use Google Events to see what options pop up by searching for key phrases like ‘contracting’ or ‘building’ events.

There are even sites dedicated entirely to networking events. For example, organises opportunities by region. Though these sites offer general opportunities, you can scan the options to see if any are relevant to you. 


Linkedin is another valuable platform to look for event opportunities. Start by building a professional or business LinkedIn profile. Then, search for and connect with other people in the contracting industry. You can grow your connections by searching for friends or past clients. Plus, join relevant groups on LinkedIn to see when they post about events. 

The LinkedIn platform focuses on growing your career, so using it effectively can help you find the best networking events to promote your business. 

Contractor associations 

Aside from searching on more general platforms, you could join a contracting industry association, such as the Building Engineering Services Association. Whichever association you choose to join can help you form relationships within the industry. Associations also hold great networking events you can attend. 

Types of contractor networking events you might attend

Once you know where to look for contractor networking events, you may attend a few kinds. Each event offers different opportunities to grow your network and promote your business. 

Trade shows and conferences 

Conferences or trade shows are some of the larger events you might attend. These often have small business booths or tables that market their services. Plus, conferences often have presentations or lectures from industry experts so you can learn about current contracting trends. 

A great conference to consider attending is the UK Construction Week, which holds small networking gatherings alongside the events. Attending these events is a great way to meet client leads and stay updated on the industry. 

Local events 

Smaller, local events such as dinners, cocktail hours, or meet-and-greets can offer targeted audiences to interact with. These events can help you build strong one-to-one relationships within your area. 

These meetings can help you build strong individual relationships within your area. Plus, valuable friendships can lead to beneficial partnerships and more work. For example, if you know contractors who can’t take jobs because their timetables are packed, they might recommend you. 

You may even want to hold your own smaller networking events. It can be as simple as inviting a few industry professionals and potential customers to dinner. 


You may also find volunteering opportunities in your area. By working with the community, you can meet people who might need work done around their house. Plus, putting time aside from the community and those in need will show others that you care about more than just business. 

Lectures and webinars 

Lectures and webinars are also great ways to network. By attending these events, you can continue your knowledge and develop new skills in contracting. You can also meet and interact with other professionals. If you post these events to your social media, you can show potential clients that you always strive to improve your business. 

How to ensure you have the best experience 

Finding the right events to attend can help you promote your contracting business, but you’ll need to prepare beforehand for the most effective experience. 

Have a plan

To make the most of your networking events, try to plan ahead. Brainstorm your goals for these events so you know who to talk to and what to say. By outlining what you want to get out of the events, you can arrive with intention.

Before showing up, ask yourself: what can I do to stand out? For example, you want to bring incentives to promote your business, such as discounts for first-time customers. 

Develop a pitch 

You can then put together a pitch for your networking conversations. A pitch is a brief and focused introduction to your business and what you offer. When putting it together, consider how you can appear friendly and professional. 

Planning what to say ahead of time will help you cover the most important things and sell yourself well. For example, maybe you want to discuss a few successful jobs and fresh insights on the industry.  

Bring marketing materials 

Also, consider bringing marketing materials with you. Passing out brochures and business cards makes it easier for potential customers to contact you. You can design these yourself with tools like Canva or order them through sites like VistaPrint. With these marketing materials in hand, you can make the most of your networking to promote your contracting business. 

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