Easter is a time for celebration, whether you are religious or not. It’s a fun holiday that brings families together. Businesses often get on board with the sentiment through a related campaign.

To add some excitement to your marketing, there are plenty of options for easter campaigns. Here are some interesting ones that can inspire you on your own.

This guide discusses the best easter marketing campaigns for businesses, which includes:

  • Egg hunts
  • Bundles
  • Competitions
  • Publicity stunts
  • Collaborations
  • Promotional products

Ideas for the best easter marketing campaigns for your business to use

Egg hunts

Chocolate eggs are a staple of how people celebrate Easter, so egg hunts are a great tradition. Families will attend outdoor events or hide a few in their homes for children to search and find them.

It’s a wholesome experience that businesses can decide to do themselves. You can incorporate that to suit your business in a relatively simple way.

But it doesn’t need to be a physical hunt. Cadbury took advantage of Facebook to host a virtual one. Users could search a 360-degree live video and the first person to comment on the egg’s location won actual chocolate.


All of the best easter marketing campaigns find a way to link their business to the holiday in a relevant way. A great idea might be to create an easter themed bundle for the product or service you sell.

Walkers acknowledged that not everyone likes chocolate, so they offered a savoury alternative to the usual egg with sweets bundle supermarkets sell. 

They put out a version with a similar look but included their crisps, a bottle of wine, two glasses and a £5 Amazon Prime Video voucher. The idea was that people could have a night in and watch a film.

Durex took that even further with a unique play on easter eggs, titled “Easter X”. It’s still a chocolate egg. But with adult toys inside, and it was only available to buy through social media.


Another direction for the best easter marketing campaigns you can use is competitions and giveaways. These are a popular way for businesses to encourage new customers to engage with them.

You can ask people to like a social media post, share it or tag their friends in the comments. That will mean more people will see it, and you can also ask people to follow your page to enter.

Haribo gave away family holidays in their packs of star mixes over Easter. Their customers were encouraged to look for a double yolk egg sweet in the promotional bags to win.

It followed the #HuntTheDoubleYolker, which saw people discuss their searches on social media and generate hype for the competition.

Publicity stunts

Your brand is how the public views your business, and it’s crucial to make people aware of who you are. A perfect way to draw attention is through publicity stunts. These are ‘out-there’ events that cause public interest.

Easter is a great time to do that if you find a way to relate it to your business and the holiday. But with so many other brands who seek attention at the same time of year, it’s helpful to think big to stand out.

Carlsberg understood the assignment and took their “If Carlsberg Did…” campaign to a new level for Easter. They had the idea of a chocolate bar, but not ones you find in a shop.

The brand unveiled a literal bar that served Carlsberg, which they built with edible chocolate. They could surprise people with their exciting stunt from a clever play on words.


Sometimes the best easter marketing campaigns can bring more than one brand together to create something no one would expect. You can partner up with another business and offer something relevant to you both for the holiday.

Collaborations are beneficial for both companies because they offer the chance to reach each other’s audiences. If you aren’t a competitor, then that’s a great opportunity. 

For example, partner with a chocolate business to create an edible version of the handbags that you sell. Chocolate and accessories don’t compete with each other, but they’re likely to have an overlap for their audiences.

Deliveroo partnered with the television series Game of Thrones to release chocolate eggs that look like dragon ones from the show. It was only available through their app, so saw new people sign up over Easter.

Promotional product

If you can’t find a way to use Easter to market your existing product, why not create a new one for the holiday? It could be a great way to get people to come to you.

That can mean you create Easter bunny slippers for your clothing shop or a new egg dish in your restaurant. If it sticks with the theme, then it’s something you can promote to get people excited.

Those products can also be limited, to encourage people to buy them quickly out of the fear of missing out.

IKEA took the distinctive identity of the brand that offers flat pack things and put an Easter twist on it. They brought out a chocolate easter bunny that customers could assemble themselves.

New marketing can be eggs-pensive

If you decide to create a new campaign for the Easter holiday, remember to put together a marketing plan. That will help you decide on a budget and avoid overspending.

Your campaign may be a physical event, social media posts, and a new product. A multi-channel approach is excellent, but it can also mean that you struggle to keep track of costs.

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