Well-thought-out marketing can help grow your business as an accountant. In fact, content marketing can produce three times more leads as traditional marketing methods. But you may have a hard time planning the most effective marketing to reach people.  

This guide will list seven marketing tips for accountants, including:

  • Create a marketing plan 
  • Use social media
  • Make yourself accessible 
  • Optimise your content 
  • Start a newsletter
  • Use collaborations and events 
  • Focus on your current customers

1. Create a marketing plan 

Our first marketing tip for accountants is to plan ahead. Before you begin, put together a marketing strategy that outlines your intentions and goals. This will help you set up a budget, develop a timeline, and set tasks. 

Focusing on content in your marketing strategy will increase its effectiveness. Producing relevant content can result in a 72% higher lead conversion rate. Move away from cold-calling potential clients or sending mail that might be thrown away. Instead, consider how you can create quality content that interests your target audience. 

When building your plan, also establish how you’ll measure its success. Keep track of marketing metrics to see how your methods grow your audience and translate to business. 

2. Use social media 

Social media marketing can help you reach clients among the massive 3.7 billion person audience. As an accountant, creating social media profiles can make you more accessible. You can also join the conversation of other accountants on these platforms. Just be sure to include your business name, address, and contact information in your profiles. 

Platforms with the most relevant business audiences are likely LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. LinkedIn’s business-focused audience makes this platform a great place to target small businesses in need of your accounting services. 

To make the most of these platforms, engage with relevant audiences by following people,  joining groups, and posting regular content to keep your page updated and relevant. Consider keeping a content calendar to stay on track. Also, research hashtags that will reach the right people.  

3. Make yourself accessible 

If you don’t have one already, a website will help increase your business’s accessibility. You can easily design your website using platforms like Squarespace or WordPress. Include helpful information like your business name, contact information, and services. 

Blogs are great to include on your website for content marketing purposes. Writing a few articles about accounting a month can help you demonstrate that you’re knowledgeable and want to help. Try to simplify your language to make the tricky accountancy terms comprehensible to your audience. Doing this will help you appear approachable. 

Aside from designing a website, consider claiming your Google My Business page. The profile will not only show up on Google, but on the map function as well. This will help people find you online. On this profile, add your address, contact information, and website URL.

4. Optimise your content 

Your marketing content should be eye-catching and memorable. To create the best content, research your audience and look at how competitors promote their services. You can use this information to write posts and blogs or create business cards, brochures, and advertisements. 

When writing content, consider using SEO to rank higher on search engines and target keywords that will help you climb up the search engine result pages (or SERP). Also, make sure your content, both print and digital, is clear and easy to read. It’s good to have someone else look at it as they might see something you missed. 

5. Start a newsletter

Another great marketing tip for accountants is to start a newsletter. You could write a monthly or quarterly newsletter to send out over email or mail a print copy. Build a contact list of current clients and leads or add a subscription link to your website to grow your outreach. 

The newsletter can include any developments within your business and news about the accounting industry in general. You can also share your story to increase your personability. Consider sending out newsletters for holidays and whenever you offer deals. This can show your thinking of people and provide incentive to buy. 

One way to put together a newsletter is with straightforward design platforms like Canva. Their templates help your content look appealing. Alternatively, you can use something like Tinyletter or Hubspot to format and send email newsletters with ease. 

6. Use collaborations and events 

To uphold your local presence, think about collaborating with other small businesses and events in your area. For example, you could sponsor local festivals or sports teams. By getting your logo out there, people are more likely to learn about your accounting services. 

Aside from sponsoring, you could volunteer at charity events or run drives. For example, if you run and promote a food drive in your area, you can strike up conversations with local people and businesses. Working with charities can also increase your reputation and make people want to work with you. 

You can even hold your own events and workshops, either in person or digitally. If you run a talk or seminar about taxes or finances, you can share your knowledge and interact with new people to help promote your practice. 

7. Focus on your current customers 

When considering marketing tips for accountants, don’t forget about your current clients. Instead, you should look at your client base as free marketing. If your customers are happy, they’re more likely to tell others about your services. This word-of-mouth marketing can make your firm more reputable. 

The key to creating happy clients is to provide excellent services, from your bookkeeping to your customer interactions. To improve your customer service, try to reply to client communications quickly. Take time to thank your clients for their business and maintain personal relationships. Then, ask for feedback to improve your services as your practice grows. 

You can also ask your clients to review your accounting services on Google. These reviews can build up your business profile. Add some positive reviews to your website and brochures as testimonials. The more positive reviews you have, the more you’ll impress potential clients. 

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