Focusing on client relationships can help build loyalty and promote a positive business reputation. As the Christmas season approaches, you may want to send your clients Christmas gifts to build rapport and show how much you value them. 

Personalised gift ideas can show that you put thought into these gifts. But Christmas gifts can be pricey. As a small business owner, you may want to find affordable options that work with your business budget

With that said, there are plenty of budget-friendly gift ideas you can send your clients this Christmas.

This guide will list seven client Christmas gifts for small business owners to send, including:

  • Christmas cards
  • Gift boxes
  • Flowers
  • Discounts or free services
  • Homemade gifts 
  • Books
  • Merch with your logo

1) Christmas cards

A great way to show customers that you’re thinking of them this holiday is by sending a Christmas card. This can be a personalised gift that is affordable for your small business. 

By creating your own Christmas cards with platforms like Snapfish or Hello Print, they can be both professional and affordable. Once you design these cards yourself, you can order them in bulk from these services. 

Your cards can have a heartfelt message and a picture of your business logo, shop, or family. Also, consider adding a unique message for each customer to show that you took the time to thank them for their business and wish them a happy Christmas. 

2) Gift boxes

Gift boxes and hampers are another great client Christmas gift for small businesses. Though gift boxes can be expensive, there are plenty of discounts and deals for businesses to make them affordable. 

Consider looking at platforms like Hay Hampers that have price categories and deals. If you have a larger client base, you can also look to services like Fluid that have cheaper options with bulk orders. There are also platforms where you can customise your hampers to spend as much as you want.

You could fill these gift boxes with a variety of things. For example, you could send sweets, wine and cheese assortments, or a set of stationery. If you clients like coffee or tea, you could send a box of that. The gift boxes can be as big or as little as you want. 

Plus, consider making your own gift boxes. If you have the time, you could buy treats and baskets or boxes. Building your own baskets can be more affordable than if you buy them pre-made. 

3) Flowers 

You can also send flowers as a client Christmas gift for your small business. Flowers are a great way to send something beautiful to decorate their homes. It can also help you avoid worrying about food allergies. 

The good news is flower arrangements can come in a wide range of prices. Platforms like Bunches often have deals and budget-friendly options. You can also send a note with the flowers wishing your clients a happy Christmas. 

4) Discounts or free services 

Another budget-friendly gift is sending customers discounts or free business service. For example, you can offer 15% off their next purchase. Though it may reduce some of your earnings, it can help build client relationships and lead to more earnings in the future. 

You can also offer a free product to dedicated customers. Say you run a coffee shop. If you offer a free cup of coffee with any purchase, this will help you avoid shipping costs. Meanwhile, you can make your customers happy. Doing this will show people that you work to improve customer service and satisfaction. 

5) Homemade gifts 

If the pre-made gift ideas are out of your price range, you can also send your clients homemade gifts. This shows that you took the time to make something specifically for your clients.  

For example, you could bake something, such as sweets or bread. If you have a special family recipe, that would be a great way to add a human touch to your business identity. You could also make your own paper crafts, ornaments, or candles. This could be particularly good if you sell handmade products for your small business. 

If you choose to make something nice for your clients, you can save money while showing them how much you care. 

6) Books

Consider sending a book as a client Christmas gift for your small business. This could be a book that is relevant to your business or your favourite book. If the book speaks to your customer base, it can show that you understand them. Sending a personalised book can help you connect with and grow your relationships with your clients. 

This might be a slightly different gift idea, but it will make your Christmas gift memorable to clients. Plus, when your clients read the book, it can give you something to talk about to get to know each other better. 

7) Merch with your logo

You may want to consider doubling your Christmas gift as part of your marketing strategy by sending gifts with your business logo. This could remain affordable while also helping you expand your audience. Platforms like VistaPrint or Total Merchandise can help you create your own merch.

Customised merch could be anything from mugs to canvas bags or t-shirts. Consider what gift might be relevant to your customers. If you offer personal training services, you could send your clients a personalised water bottle. 

When you decide which gifts to send to your clients, put the client first. If your gift shows you know them well, it can help you manage customer relationships. This can help you build brand loyalty to maintain a steady client base. 

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