Did you know that the average person in the UK spends 29% more per month during the Christmas season? So, if you’re artistic, Christmas is a great time to capitalise on holiday shopping and start or improve a craft business

You may want to sell these crafts in a shop or at markets. Or you could sell them online with a website, Etsy, or Amazon shop. All you need is a trip to the craft shop, and you can spread Christmas joy. But, if you’re considering this, you may wonder what kinds of Christmas crafts to sell. 

This guide will list seven homemade Christmas crafts to sell, including: 

  • Ornaments
  • Decorations 
  • Festive cards
  • Garlands and wreaths 
  • Knitted hats and scarves 

1. Ornaments 

Ornaments are some of the most popular Christmas crafts to sell. You can make your own beautiful Christmas tree ornaments that work as great gifts or decorations. 

There are plenty of ways to create your own Christmas ornaments, and many of these crafts are cost-effective to make. Using supplies you have around the house, like wine corks or paper, allows you to make them affordably. For example, you could create ornaments from sticks you collect outside and festive ribbon. 

You could also knit ornaments into festive shapes, such as snowflakes or stockings. Or you could decorate or paint wood or glass baubles. With a good stock of supplies and a vision in mind, you can create unique ornaments that complement a tree nicely. 

If you want to sell ornaments for your Christmas shop, first: 

  • Research which ornament crafts seem to be popular. 
  • Look at ornament ideas and decide what supplies you’ll need. 
  • Consider the costs to produce each craft and budget accordingly. 
  • Then, stock up from a craft shop or platform like Amazon, and to save money, you can buy what you need in bulk. 
  • Make a batch of crafts before selling so you can match demand.

2. Decorations 

Handmade decorations are also great ways to earn money this Christmas season. You may want to create beautiful craft decorations that can cosy up a room with the Christmas spirit. Some great decorations to make include snow globes, signs, stockings, snowmen, or tree decorations. 

For example, you could buy tartan fabric and wrap it around a triangular block or styrofoam to create a cute Christmas tree decoration. Or, you could create festive signs with some red and white paint and a Christmassy line, like ‘Ho Ho Ho’ or ‘Let it snow.’ 

On top of this, you could use fabric and a sewing machine to create decorative or functional stockings. You may even want to try out candle making and incorporate some cinnamon sticks and pine needles to decorate those candles. 

There are plenty of Christmas decoration crafts you could make and profit from. To come up with ideas, research the market to see what kinds of decorations are popular this year. Then, consider your artistic skills to see what products might be the best option for you.

3. Garlands and wreaths 

Aside from decorative crafts, you could create and sell garlands and wreaths. These natural decorations are popular for decorating homes, and they’re easy to make if you put in the time to learn. For example, with berries and sticks of pine needles, you can put together a beautiful wreath that people want to hang on their doors. 

4. Festive cards

Another great Christmas craft to sell this time of year is homemade cards. Many people will send cards to their faraway loved ones and friends, so selling these cards is a great, low-cost way to earn money. 

For example, you could write Christmas messages and hand paint or print wintery designs. Or you could create complex and multi-dimensional designs. Aside from making these cards by hand, you could also design them on a platform like Adobe or Canva. Using graphic design skills allows you to print cards in bulk to sell more of them. 

5. Knitted hats and scarves 

Though Christmas cards are easy to make and sell, you’ll have to sell many of them to earn a sufficient profit. If you want to earn more from each sale, you could consider knitting or crocheting Christmas crafts. With a skill for knitting, you could create hats, scarves, mittens and even sweaters or blankets. These would work great as a Christmas gift or just to warm people up in the winter weather. 

With a beautiful finished product, you can charge more for your knitted goods than some other crafts as a handmade touch can add value. But keep in mind that the costs of making these products may be higher. You’ll need a sufficient supply of quality yarn and strong enough skills to make a professional-looking result.  

Whichever crafts you choose to make and sell this Christmas, consider how you can stand out to earn sales. You may want to establish a brand identity and focus on an angle that draws customers to your crafts. Once you grow your audience, you can increase your sales and profit from your handmade crafts. 

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