Email marketing can be a great way to speak directly to your audience about new things you offer or any news about your business. A difficult task is to craft a subject line that will grab their attention so they open it.

Fortunately, Easter is a perfect time to use some fun lines related to the holiday. Something exciting entices the reader and is more likely to get the response you want. In addition, it can also present your business as playful and friendly.

This guide discusses easter email marketing subject lines, which include:

  • Bunny ones
  • Egg-stravaganzas
  • Ready basketers
  • Easter feast-ers

Here are some fun Easter email marketing subject lines you can try

Bunny ones

A great source of inspiration for Easter email marketing subject lines can be the main symbols of the holiday. One of these is the easter bunny. Rabbits are often on many of the themed materials that businesses put out.

That creates an opportunity to think about things that you can associate with bunnies when you write your lines.

Rabbits don’t walk, they hop…

  • Hop on over for 25% off — promote a sale.
  • Enjoy the taste of hops this Easter — if you sell beer.
  • Hop! Wait a minute — grab attention.
  • You’ll hop for our drop — new product launch.
  • Top of the hops — music services.

To rabbit up, think about puns…

  • Bunny weather we’re having — sell sun cream or scarfs.
  • You can rabbit all — promote a product bundle.
  • Oh bunny, I’m home — to sell houses.
  • Just a rabbit of your time — hook the reader and engage them in the email.
  • Bunny, bunny, bunny, always sunny — in a rich man’s world (promote an ABBA night at your bar).

When it comes to writing your lines, it’s good to try to have some fun with it. You’ll compete with all of the other emails in customers’ inboxes, which could mean hundreds or thousands.

The same standard subject lines aren’t what you should use, but make it as relevant as possible to what you offer. You might find more specific things to your business that you combine with Easter related themes or words.


Another significant element that sticks in people’s minds for Easter is the emphasis on eggs. Chocolate eggs, in particular, are what supermarkets are full of, and it’s a part of the tradition to give them to family or friends.

What makes that perfect for your Easter marketing subject lines is the potential for fun ways to use egg-based language. Try and whisk yourself up something that will crack people up.

Think about egg-citing possibilities…

  • Eggs-tra special sale now on — promote your discounted products or services.
  • Oops!… I did it egg-en — Britney Spears tribute act, or if you bring back something you did before.
  • Haven’t got an egg to stand on? — stilts, crutches or high heels.
  • We’ll egg you on this Easter — for your personal trainer services.
  • You’re pulling my egg — stand up comedy night.
  • Have you heard the eggs-ellent news? — update on what your business is doing this Easter.
  • Check out these eggs-quisite deals — any promotional prices.
  • Fancy eggs-treme sports? — promote skydiving, bungee jumps or mountain climbing.
  • An eggs-plosive start to the day — energy drinks or workout supplements.
  • We’re eggs-tatic to show you… — could hint toward anything but creates an interest.

The word ‘eggs’ is relatively easy to work into a sentence, especially because you can replace it with words that start with an ‘ex’. That may give you a simple thing to come back to for your Easter emails.

Ready basketers

If you send email marketing for your small business, you will likely use a website to sell some of your products or services

That means a lot of what that communication needs to do is encourage people to add something to their basket, or prompt them to buy something already in it.

Luckily, Easter is not just the time of bunnies and eggs. Baskets are a familiar symbol of what people associate with the holiday.

Encourage people to check their baskets…

  • You can put your eggs in one basket — there’s no basket limit for orders.
  • Don’t forget your easter basketti — if you sell Italian food.
  • Come basket what you need — sell the essentials.
  • Fill your basket this Easter — get people to reach a certain order amount for free shipping.
  • A slam dunk for your easter basket — for gift products you sell.

Easter feasters

Holidays are often a time for food, so there could be some different routes if you own a business that is part of that industry. You can also think about easter marketing subject lines that play on the week associated with it.

For a week of easter lines…

  • Parm Sunday — promote your ham dishes (instead of Palm Sunday).
  • Pud Friday — sell your desserts (instead of Good Friday).
  • Mash Wednesday — it can be a day for potatoes (instead of Ash Wednesday.
  • Stove Tuesday — if your business sells appliances (instead of Shrove Tuesday).
  • Easter Sunday Munch — Sunday lunch is a bit of a tradition, so your restaurant could have a play on that.

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