Countingup Referral Incentive

Terms and Conditions

The Countingup Referral Incentive offer below (the “Offer“) applies to sole traders or limited companies (the “Referee”) which satisfy the eligibility criteria and other provisions of these Terms and Conditions (“Ts&Cs“) during the period commencing at midday on 30.04.2024 (Commencement Date) and ending at midnight on 31.07.2024 (the “Offer Period“).

Capitalised terms in these Ts&Cs that are not defined where they appear shall have the meaning given to them in the Countingup Terms here particularly the Countingup Business account agreement (“Countingup Account Agreement“), which includes our privacy policy.

1. Eligibility

Subject to these Ts&Cs, the Offer is only available where:

1.1 During the Offer Period:

a) an existing Account Holder (the “Referrer”) sends the unique Countingup Referral Incentive link available in the Referrer’s Countingup App (“Referral Link”) to a sole trader or limited company. The Referee must be a different person from the Referrer or from any individual or entity connected with the Referrer. The Referee clicks on the Referral Link and uses it to apply for an Account and a Card providing all information requested in accordance with the Countingup Account Agreement (“Application”). Any sole trader acting as Referrer or Referee must be acting in the course of a business, trade or profession and not as a consumer);

b) the Referee’s Application is accepted by Countingup;

c) the Referee, within 3 full calendar months after the date on which the Referee’s Application is accepted (“Acceptance Date”):

i) activates the Card (within 30 days after the Acceptance Date);

ii) makes one or more valid card payments of at least £50 (excluding ATM withdrawals and transfers to the Referee’s accounts at another bank or payment service provider);

iii) receives deposits of at least £200 into the Referee’s Account;

d) the Referrer receives deposits of at least £200 into the Referrer’s Account within 3 full calendar months after the Acceptance Date; and

1.2 during the period between the Commencement Date and the Payment Date (as defined in section 2 of this document), The Referrer and the Referee must not:

a) breach of any provision of these Ts&Cs or the Countingup Account Agreement. Nor the subject of any investigation that would require the suspension of the Countingup Account Agreement or Referral Link (note in such cases, the Referral Link should link to our website, but would not result in the display of the Offer messaging);

b) share a Referral Link publicly;

c) impersonate Countingup, use the Countingup domain names or trademarks (apart from Referral Link) or created advertisements or sponsored content (any referrals arising out of or in connection with any misuse or infringement of the Countingup domain names or trademarks shall not qualify for this Offer);

d) do anything that could bring Countingup into disrepute;

e) stop trading; and

f) be restricted from receiving a referral payment. For example, where the Referrer or Referee are a Limited Business, its legal status must allow for a deposit to be processed by Countingup (for example, if the entity is ‘dissolved’, the deposit cannot be processed).

2. Referral Incentive

2.1 If all the eligibility criteria in Clause 1.1 and 1.2 are met, Countingup will deposit the amount of £50 (“Incentive”) to the Account of each of the Referrer and the Referee within 5 full calendar months after the Acceptance Date (“Payment Date“).

3. General 

3.1 Countingup reserves the right to amend, modify, withdraw or extend this Offer or any part of it at any time without notice.

3.2 Each Referrer warrants and undertakes that the Referrer has obtained the consent of the Referee to receive the Referral Link.

3.3 Countingup accepts no liability or responsibility, and no Incentive will be payable, in the event that the Referee and/or the Referrer is or are prevented or restricted from meeting these Terms and Conditions due to a technical failure of any kind (including failure of any information technology).

3.4 Countingup will not discuss the Account or Application or the status of either the Account or the Application with any person other than the Account Holder or applicant, as the case may be.

3.5 Each of the Referrer and the Referee are responsible for paying any taxes or deductions in relation to the Incentive.

3.6 Staff members of Counting Limited are not eligible to benefit from this Offer.

3.7 For more details about this Offer and additional support for Referees and Referrers, if needed, please contact us via email at or visit our website’s “Help and Support” section.

3.8 These Terms and Conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with English law and any dispute arising in relation to these Terms and Conditions shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.

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