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Are you tired of spending hours manually calculating VAT for your business transactions?

Look no further! Our brand new online VAT calculator is here to simplify the way you deal with Value Added Tax (VAT) calculations. With our clear and easy-to-use online calculator, you can effortlessly and accurately calculate VAT.

Try our calculator below to make hassle-free VAT calculations now!

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How It Works:

  1. Enter Transaction Details: Input the transaction amount, select the applicable VAT rate and whether you want to add or exclude VAT
  2. Click Calculate VAT: Our calculator will then processes the data instantly
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Understanding VAT (Value Added Tax) might sound difficult, but it’s really important when buying and selling things. It’s a type of tax that’s added to the cost of goods and services. Different items have different VAT rates.

Countingup knows this can be confusing. That’s why they made a really easy-to-use Online VAT Calculator. This tool helps small business owners quickly work out how much VAT they owe. This means you can focus on making your business better, instead of worrying about your valued added tax.

The standard rate of VAT, currently 20%, is charged on most goods and services. This rate should be used unless the goods or services you sell are classed as reduced or zero-rated.

The Countingup online VAT calculator, is like having a super-smart helper for your business. It sorts out all the tricky tax maths, so you can focus on enjoying your business adventure.

VAT is a tax on business transactions that potentially affects all purchases and sales. It is not a tax on profits. VAT is charged at 20% on most supplies, though some are taxed at either 0 or 5%.

Yes, we are pleased to report our calculator can work out VAT from 1% up to 99%.