The accounting software making it easier to manage small business clients

When your clients subscribe to the Countingup business account, you get instant access to their accurate, real-time transaction data.

What makes Countingup different? 

When your small business clients subscribe to the Countingup business account and accounting app, they receive automatic expense categorisation, receipt scanning, instant invoicing and more.

With Countingup’s accounting software, you’ll have anytime access to your clients’ real-time financial data. It means no more chasing for missing data, account re-authorisation, or dealing with data lags – saving you time so that you can focus on growing your practice.

No more chasing for missing information

Access to real-time transaction data means no more chasing clients for missing information or re-authorisation of their bank feeds every 90 days.

Time saved with organised client data

It’s simple to connect and view your clients’ organised, accurate bookkeeping data from your Countingup Accountant Hub.

Simple onboarding experience

Your clients can sign up for the Countingup business account in minutes, and you’ll receive a simple onboarding experience with a dedicated account manager.

3 steps to manage your small business clients

Invite clients to your Hub for instant access to their data

Check receipts

Review accounts, check receipts and manage journals.

Export organised and accurate data to your filing tool.