Countingup is the UK’s #1 accounting and banking app

We started Countingup in September 2017 with a belief that having your accounting and banking in one place simplifies running a small business.

More than 10,000 business owners choose Countingup to run their business. With their support and feedback, we have built a game-changing product that makes running your business easier and more enjoyable.

We’re the UK’s fastest growing accounting and banking app due to a world class team that believes in one core value, “To get stuff done with excellent results”. We’re proud of our record:

  • First accounting and banking app to launch for sole traders.
  • First accounting and banking app to launch for limited companies.
  • First accounting and banking app to launch invoicing with automated matching of payments to unpaid invoices.
  • First accounting and banking app to process more than £100m of transactions.
  • First accounting and banking app to reach 10k customers.

Founders’ story

Our Founder, Tim Fouracre, is a Chartered Accountant who previously spent nine years building cloud accounting software, Clear Books plc. He was frustrated that small businesses waste unnecessary time on admin:

  • Setting up and syncing bank data into accounting systems.
  • The delay between a bank transaction happening and then months later the accounting records being manually created, explaining the same bank transaction.
  • The huge overlap in data between e.g. payees and transactions in a bank account and the corresponding suppliers and explanation of bank transactions in accounting systems.
  • Not knowing your tax liability until the end of the year.
  • Using, and paying for, multiple apps and services to run your business.

Tim set out to turn his idea of an “accounting and banking app” into reality to solve these problems. He roped in co-founder, Mike Moate, to help. The two were Computer Science classmates at Farnborough Sixth Form College 20 years ago.

And in September 2017 the Countingup story began.

Backed by business builders

We’re just getting started. The team has an ambitious vision to provide a financial platform for 1 million small businesses. Backing this vision, Countingup is proud to work with leading investors and company builders including Frontline Ventures, Forward Partners and JamJar Investments.

A simple mission

Countingup’s mission is to make running a small business simple and more enjoyable. The old methods of running a business on a spreadsheet or trying to sync bank data into accounting software are slow and inefficient. There is a better way.

Countingup gives startups, freelancers, sole traders and small limited companies your valuable time back to focus more on growing your business or having the lifestyle you want.

Small businesses power the UK economy. We’re here to help unleash your potential!

Frequently Asked Questions

View our FAQs for help with any account questions you have about joining Countingup, the Countingup card or sending and receiving payments.

Joining Countingup

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