Tax Pots

The easiest way to save for your tax bill

Add money to your Tax Pot as and when you like, or choose a percentage of your income to set aside for tax and we’ll automatically move it for you.

Get ahead of your tax return

Move money in and out as you need

Know how much you need to save

tax pot mobile screen, showing add money, withdraw and statement button

Easily set money aside for taxes

Tax Pots are a separate, secure place to help you save for your tax bill. The money you add won’t be available for everyday spending, but you can move it in or out as you need, making it a flexible way to save.

Choose a percentage to auto transfer

No need to worry about moving money around, just choose a percentage and we’ll do it for you. Every time you’re paid, we’ll automatically transfer the money to your Tax Pot.

smart tax screen showing how much extra needed to add to tax pot

Get on track with your Tax Estimate

See how much money you need to save to reach your Tax Estimate. Need to set aside more? You can add more to your Tax Pot in a few taps. We’ll also let you know if you’ve saved too much.

image to show corporation tax due

More control, less stress

Choose a percentage to set aside for tax, pause auto transfer and add our suggested amount to your Tax Pot. You can take money in and out as you need. Time to wave goodbye to those tax worries and say hello to peace of mind!

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