Here’s what we’re doing to help the planet 🌎

We’re in the middle of a climate crisis.

It’s a reality we all have to face. And we all have a part to play in building a sustainable future for our planet.

We’re on a mission to build the #1 financial tool for the self-employed. But we need to make sure that we’re doing that sustainably, reducing our impact on the environment where possible. We’re paperless and branchless so we have a relatively low carbon footprint, but we know that our day-to-day operations still contribute to climate change.

This page sets out our ongoing commitment to the environment, how we’ll reach our goals and measure progress.

Our commitments

Our aim is to be net zero by 2030 – but we’ll try to get there sooner.

We’ll regularly measure our carbon footprint and look to where we can reduce it.

We’ll make sure our sustainability commitment reaches all corners of our business, and
our suppliers too.

What we need to do to reach our goal 🎯

We’re a growing business – we have to be vigilant of our emissions. Our main goal is to reach net zero by 2030, but we have some work to do to reach that goal.

Some of the things on our list are smaller wins, like changes we need to make to our internal operations to reduce emissions. But some are much bigger (and harder) wins, like reducing emissions via our supply chain and partners.

  • Encourage our people to work remotely and use digital-conferencing software instead of face-to-face meetings
  • And where this is unavoidable, we recommend environmentally-friendly travel options
  • Provide cards that are mainly made up of environmentally friendly materials. Our cards are currently
    produced with 76% sustainable materials (57% recycled and 19% degradable). The envelopes and
    carriers we send out are also 100% recyclable
  • Operate a paperless office and recycle all recyclable materials, including electricals – we’ll send them back to the manufacturer when no longer needed
  • Reduce our energy consumption by making sure our equipment is energy-efficient

  • Provide our people with information on, and encourage green or ethical pension plans
  • Support, educate and encourage our people to make sustainable choices – inside and outside work

  • Aim to reduce our software and digital load where we can – our servers account for a large chunk of
    our energy consumption
  • Challenge and encourage companies, clients, and partners we work with to make more sustainable choices
  • Use an Environmentally Preferred Procurement strategy for purchasing decisions

How we’ll track our progress 🌱

We’re partnered with virtual sustainability officers Alectro to monitor and evaluate our progress throughout this journey. Together, we’ll regularly track our performance through KCPIs (Key Carbon Performance Indicators) which contribute to our overall emission reduction target.

Our main KCPI will be our tCO 2e/employee value. We’ll review this yearly and take steps to reduce and offset our carbon emissions as we continue to grow.